Magic Stencil Techniques
Ruetz, Matt
Matt Ruetz (2004)
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Ruetz, Matt: Magic Stencil Techniques
©2004, Matt Ruetz
Paper, stapled, 8.5x11", 23 pages

Comments (Matt Ruetz): This book covers how you can make you own high quality magic designs by creating stencils that can be used over and over for a professional look. Some of the great magic builders such as Owen, Thayer, and Abbott’s have used stencil to decorate their props and is much easier than silk screening. With this book, you will learn the techniques that not only make the process easy but will put you on the path to making your props look great. This is book is invaluable for the home-builder. The color section shows many examples of stencil work done professional builders.2nd Edition e-Book version adds material on making decals for your magic props (available from MagicGizmo)

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Overview of Stencil Decorations in Magic
2 Advantages of Stencil Decoration
3 Preparation
4 Pre-Made Stencils
5 Selecting the Artwork
6 Where to Find Royalty Free Artwork
7 Clip-Art Collections
8 Art Design Collections
9 Old Images from Ads and Magic Posters
10 Illustration Software
11 Stenciling Words and Chinese Stylized Script
12 Stencil Preparation
13 Materials Needed
14 Artwork Transfer
15 Basic Stencil Cutting
16 Stencil Cutting Tips
17 Multi-Color and Multi-Part Stencils
18 Using Frisket Film Stencils
19 Large Stencils
20 Painting
21 Taping and Preparation
22 Spraying Application
23 Spray Cans and Air Sprayers
24 Airbrush
25 Preventing Stencil Bleeding
26 Cleaning Up Over-spray
27 Using Alignment Holes for Multi-Part Stencils
28 Brush Application
29 Shadow Effect
30 Marvels with Masking Tape
31 Storing your Stencils
32 Cleaning Stencils
33 Magic Decals
34 - Types of Printers
35 - Types of Decal Paper and Where to Find It
36 - Setting Up the Artwork to Print
37 - Printing and Applying Fixative
38 - Applying Decals
39 - Finishing
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