Stone, Tom
Hermetic Press (2010)
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Magic tricks
USA  eng
Stone, Tom: Vortex
©2010 Tom Stone and Stephen Minch
Published by Hermetic Press, Inc.
Hardcover, 254 pages


Contents (courtesy Evan Shuster at Magicbooks.be)

VII Debts of Gratitude
IX Introduction - Peter Rosengren
XV Preface

3 Champagne
12 Catching Up
13 Princess Salome's Drink
15 Prov. 31:6
17 Card, Deck & Case
21 Subliminal Persuasion
22 Camera Gag
22 Loading Display
23 Monty Walks Again
26 Protection Against Chameleons
7 Reality Glitch
31 Three Sizes
32 Calculated Aces
33 King Castling
39 Ringbound
43 Spoon Jumper
44 Stone-Age Wild Coin
45 Hoarders
51 Stripper Finesse
52 The Annoying Four
53 Among the Mad Men
61 Gap Drive
64 Killer Gap Launcher
65 Freedom Cuts
68 Problems with the Memorized Deck
69 The Etude
71 Hand Rothing
2 Victorious Mead
073 Matchbox Calculator
75 ElectroMatrix
76 Poltergeist

79 Tracking Mr. Fogg
83 Ambivalent Travelers
95 Mr. Fogg
112 Mr. Fogg's Codicil
113 Concerto for Cutlery
115 Wooing Annette
117 Nullified!
127 The Momentum Color-Change
132 Shoe Loads
133 Rope Segments
133 Almost Restored
136 Sharp Fingers
138 Drop and Restored
139 Benson-Frakson Combo
140 Whip Restoration
141 Comic Relief
158 Let Them Eat Cake

161 The Monodextrous Brigand
164 An Addition to John Carney's "Hot Slot"
168 Jardine Ellis Glass Production
169 Silk and Silver
171 Pocket Shots
172 Burning Things on Stage
173 A Toast for Charon
188 Light Stretching
189 Roomtone
190 No Parking
191 Salt-X-Change
194 Mental Sports
195 Benson Burner
226 Helena of the East
227 Gold Wielder
236 Hotel Psychometry

239 Resonance Theory
241 Too Perfect Imperfect
247 Rejection

253 Acknowledgements
254 Publishing History
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Tom Stone (magician)
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Tom Stone is the stage name of Thomas Bengtsson, a Swedish magician, editor and author.

1 Biography
2 Works
3 Notes


Stone was born on October 28, 1967, and presently lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

He is best known for writing a series of articles and pamphlets about original magical techniques and plots. He co-wrote a book with magician Lennart Green, contributed material to a book by Jason Alford, and has self-published a series of pamphlets as well as an e-book. He is also editor and publisher of various Swedish magic journals such as "Trollkarlen", and "Dr. Faustus Journal" (1995-).

He has performed at the invitation-only Magic Castle, and in 2000, he was a "performer and speaker" at the FISM "World Championships of Magic" in Lisbon, Portugal.

In 2003, he was a performer and competitor at the International Magic Convention & 20th Close Up competition in Kings Cross, London, where he won £500 and was awarded second place, just behind Japanese-Canadian magician Hayashi.]

In June 2010, Stone released a book entitled "Vortex", collecting many of the effects he has published in periodicals, his own ebooks and some previously unreleased material with Hermetic Press.

The Warpsmith's Toolbox, 1994 (self published)
Lennart Green's Snap Deal, 1995 (co-written with Lennart Green]
The Warpsmith Returns, 1996 (self published)
Self publishing, e-book (self published)
Jason Alford, Cyber Sessions (Contributor)
Tom Stone Caught On Tape
Vortex (Published through Hermetic Press), June 2010


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