Pockets Full of Miracles - Secrets from the Repertoire of a Professional Close-Up Magician
Tyler, Diamond Jim
Diamond Jim Productions (2000)
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Hardcover 0-9676018-6-X
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Tyler, Diamond Jim: Pockets Full of Miracles
©2000, First Edition by Diamond Jim Tyler
Hardcover, 8.5x11", 176 pages
Library of Congress 99-96247
ISBN 0-9676018-6-X
ISBN-13: 978-0967601861

Comments (Magicref): "Secrets from the Repertoire of a Professional Close-Up Magician". This contents listing has been modified with permission from the listing at Jim's website. Photo Illustrated.
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1 Dedication
2 Table of Contents
3 Introduction
4 Foreword by Jon Racherbaumer
5 A Night in the Life of Diamond Jim
6 The Gunslinger: A signed and selected card is shot by an imaginary gun knocking it over and penetrating the heart of the card.
7 New Age Spellbound: A glass stone magically changes color time and again.
8 One-Armed Aces: The magician cuts the pack with one hand each time revealing an Ace.
9 The Hitchhiker: A great gag with a borrowed bill.
10 Baseball Diamond: The magician reveals a selected baseball card with the production of an autographed baseball from thin air.
11 FBI Trick: A comical Thumbcuff escape routine.
12 Cat and Mouse: A selected card is found with the aid of a mousetrap.
13 Finger Ring and String: A borrowed ring is made to vanish and reappear again repeatedly.
14 Soaring Straw: A drinking straw is made to come alive in the magician's hands.
15 Comedy Shuffling Routine: The audience is given an amusing overview into the art of shuffling cards.
16 Invisible Thumbscrews: The magician hypnotically causes the spectator's two outstretched index fingers to come together.
17 Paperweight: The magician divines the amount of cards cut by a spectator time and again.
18 Fire Ball: A large piece of paper is torn and restored in a blaze of fire.
19 Mathemagic: Cards magically multiply in the spectator's hands.
20 Animated Cardbox: A cardbox comes to life and magically entertains the audience.
21 Three Burnt Matches: A great bar gag using only three burnt matches.
22 Burning Impression: The image of a selected card magically appears burnt into a business card.
23 Trapdoor Coins: Three half-dollars are made to penetrate a tabletop before the audience's eyes.
24 Diamond Back: The magician reveals a thought of word in such a scary way that it sends shivers down the spines of the audience.
25 Reel Fun: How to make a motorized reel for fun and other various magic effects.
26 Frog Hair: A card magically flips over with the use of a frog hair.
27 Sacring of Wicca: A selected Tarot card is bizarrely revealed when ashes rubbed upon the magician's arm reveal the card's identity.
28 The Smoking Spoon: A smoking spoon is made to bend before the eyes of a bewildered audience.
29 Diamond's Dazzler: A sleight that makes a card jump face-up from the center of the deck.
30 Nimble Corks: A dexterity test using two corks.
31 Wise Guys Can't Count: A mind game used to prove that wise guys can't count.
32 Whatever It Takes: The magician foresees a thought-of number, letter and card.
33 Pieces of Eight: Coins are made to penetrate, vanish, reappear, fly and much much more.
34 The Birthday Bill: The magician waves a hole-puncher over a folded and borrowed bill causing holes to appear and magically spell out the message "Happy B-day".

35 Glossary
36 Special Thanks
37 About the Author


What you will soon read has served me well, placing bread in my pocket as well as on the table. Pockets Full of Miracles is filled with many of my own routines as well as my adaptations of effects that I feel are worth performing. My repertoire, like my life, is filled with variety. Within these covers you will find routines involving cards, money, fire, gags, bar-betchas, mind-reading, comedy and more.
In the school of magic, I have no idea at what level, or in what category, you would place yourself. With that in mind, I have tried to create a book for every type of magician. With the descriptive text and numerous photos I have tried capture every nuance during each routine. In addition, each term that falls into the category of "magic jargon" has been bold-faced. These bold-faced words are defined in the glossary at the back of the book.

Please do not read this book as if it were an instruction manual for simple tricks. Take the time to read between the lines, and I promise that you will find some of the true secrets of magic. A successful magician is not measured by the quantity of effects he or she learns. The important thing, as in most professions, is the quality of what you know. So be prepared...

You're about to learn how to do some incredible mind-blowing magic!

Magically yours, Diamond Jim Tyler

-Excerpt from Pockets Full of Miracles
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About the Author

Early on, Diamond Jim's magic skills were prodigious. By the age of two, he knew every card in the deck, and by age six, he had pored through the daunting volume, Magic with Cards, by Garcia & Schindler. By age 16, Diamond Jim was performing close-up and stand-up magic professionally. That same year, he became a demonstrator for a local magic shop in Dallas, dazzling and absorbing for eight years. At age 22, his career heated up; he added fire-eating to his repertoire.

Diamond Jim's ascent in the magic world has been as a meteor from the heavens. In September of 1999 he earned the prestigious Best Close-Up Performer trophy at the Texas Association of Magicians (TAOM) Convention in Austin, Texas. He has performed on television, at hotels, and in restaurants. He has appeared at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. And in the corporate world, he has performed at trade shows and other events for such top clients as AT&T, IBM, Mobil, Pepsi, and Time Warner. The arrival of Diamond Jim's first book has taken on the aura of An Event. Pockets Full of Miracles: Secrets from the Repertoire of a Professional Close-Up Magician is packed full of Jim's favorite routines and best kept secrets. Diamond Jim is perhaps best known as the inventor of the Diamond Deck, the greatest advance in trick decks in many years, which is sold in magic shops worldwide. His follow-up trick deck, the Millennium Pack, takes everything two big steps further, inciting rave reviews from his peers. Several of Diamond Jim's routines have been featured in Genii, Magic and Linking Ring magazines.

Currently, Diamond Jim is at the top of the entertainer heap in Dallas, Texas. In addition, he performs five nights a week at three restaurants in the Dallas metroplex: Jack Astor's (in Plano), Slider & Blues (in Plano), and Tenaya's (in Irving). If you're on the Web, Diamond Jim's heavily trafficked Web site sits in the middle of everything magic. His domain has been prominently featured in Internet books and directories. If you visit the site, you certainly won't be bored: The site features games, prizes, interactive magic and even excerpts from Jim's new book.

On a personal note, Diamond Jim's greatest accomplishment has been his recent triumph over cancer (Hodgkin's Disease), of which he has officially been declared cured. That news is the magic community's triumph as well, paving the way for ever-greater contributions to the art that Diamond Jim loves so dearly- sleight-of-hand magic.