Bob Wagner's Master Notebook Of Magic
Bob Wagner
L & L Pub (1992)
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Magic tricks
Hardcover B0006P7FMA
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Wagner, Bob: Bob Wagner's Master Notebook of Magic
©1992 Bob Wagner; L&L Publishing
Hardcover, 192 pages

Comments (Atlantis Magic): The Master Notebook of Magic is not a rare book, or an old one either, but it is a book highly regarded for much of its material. The effects contained are a varied mix so there is something for everyone. The material on pocket indexes is worth the price of the book alone but additionally there is card magic, stage magic, and even sections with gambling effects and occult effects (Houdini seance, Question and answer deck, etc.).


13 Fun and Games, Gambling
13 6 Card Poker Repeat: 6 card repeat with jumbo finish
18 Spot 7, The Hard Way: spot card for dice players (track slide)
21 Out Damn Spot: dice spot card (magnetic version)
23 Cherchez La Femme Routine: Find the lady, audience wins
26 Texas Poker Routine: 10 card jumbo poker deal
28 Tic-Tac-Toe: Performer always wins, even a cat's game
30 Track Record Revised: different method for Larry Becker's Horse Race
33 Bingo: Magical Bingo card always has winning numbers
36 Fantastic Game Show: Turnabout is fair play for Larry Becker's "Millionaire's Rummy"
38 Notes on the Omega Bet: Presentation of Karl Fulves' Amazing "Omega Bet"
41 Game of Darts: Stab any card in a sealed shuffled deck
47 3 Cup Monte: Voice on tape recorder knows information that performer doesn't even know
50 Tic-Tac-Toe for Two: Blindfolded Medium plays perfectly; a rare performance by a medium, well done

55 Parlour and Stage Magic
55 Bang Rope: Bill Neff's rope restoration, start off with a bang!
58 Rings of the Nibelungs: complete routine with 2 rings and rope
64 Knot Tying Demonstration: Jeff Fowlston's Impressions with embellishment
71 Chinese Sticks Patter: Fun with words and 3 Tassles
73 The Inventor (Wunderbar Patter): character presentation
75 Stratospheres (Presentation): Easy to follow only 2 colors
76 Traffic Signs: complete routine with signs and arrow card
80 Dollar Bill In Lemon: Let's make a deal; bill is switched without folding, spectator tears off corner
84 Silkfreed: Pluck a silk handkerchief through a sealed bottle
86 Cut and Restored Rope and Magazine Page: both are restored

88 Pocket Card Index Miracles
88 E. Scott Powers' Fast Draw Card Index: easiest and fastest index in the West
94 Emperor's New Cards: any card named is the only printed card in a blank deck
96 Tzonthebak: turnabout ending to a card prediction
98 Triskai-Deck-Aphile: 27 Card Trick with Added fireworks
102 Pyramid Letter: "It's a Natural" disguised with a comic chain letter
106 Untouchable: Performer doesn't touch the deck, yet has predicted the location and identity of a selected card
108 Behind My Back: "Persistent View" phenomenon card prediction
110 Crystal Clear: 3 cards predicted by a crystal ball
112 Overhand Pickup Shuffle Force: a handy card force
114 Pick Pocket: cards, silently thought of, are quickly located in a shuffled deck in the performer's pocket
118 Roulette Bet: Selected card appears at a number determined by the spin of a roulette wheel

120 Miscellaneous Card Magic
120 Mystery of the Queen's Diamond: complete rhymed detective story - culprit is hanged!
126 The Animal Trainer: trained duck spells any card
128 Curse of the Invisible Flying Card: card in balloon routine
132 Slow Motion Card Through Handkerchief: the hand is slower than the eye
136 Twister: 3 cards each instantly materialize in a goblet
139 It's In the Bag: performer finds 3 cards in a bag; the deck vanishes
141 Enchanted Pack: complete close up card routine with 4 cards, deck changes color twice
150 The Thirteen Card Trick: amazing location of 13 cards
153 One to Ten Routine: performer reveals how many cards are moved; each repetition is more amazing
155 Genie in the Bottle: A Scripted play version of "Trik-Trak"
158 One Chance in 720: 6 selected cards are spelled to in succession
160 Six Chimps: alphabet letters magically spell 2 selected cards
163 Diabolical Princess Card Trick: give 5 explanations as to how it's done, yet the audience has no idea of the method
167 Card in the Window: utility card case
168 Cardivination: repeatable card prediction using the "card in the window"

170 Occult Magic
170 Musical Chairs: a dream come true
173 Houdini séance: Houdini speaks, opens a lock, leaves a message on magnetic spirit slates
177 Good Luck Charms: spectators demonstrate psychic powers
179 Question-Answer Deck: Gypsy cards will answer only 1 question
182 Mystic Number Three: Psychic matching of Rhine Card symbols
185 Extra-Sensory Powers: 4 kinds of psychic powers - Clairvoyance, telepathy, psychokinesis, prediction
188 34 and a Star: predict a number and a symbol
191 Three Unknowns: Magician discerns the number on a die, and the location and identity of a card
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Bob Wagner was an award-winning magician whose creative output was frequently found in magic periodicals such as Jules Lenier's Talisman,Lloyd Jones' The Bat, Jr., The Linking Ring, and many others. He was also the co-author of Magic Dungeon Mentalism and Damn Good Tricks.

Over the years, Bob had compiled his very best ideas in a notebook, including his legendary Card Index work. All of the effects in Bob's notebook met his stringent criteria for good magic: all the tricks should have attention-getting openings, interesting and succinct presentations, simple but logical plots, intriguing props, utilize an economy of movements and, finally, at the climax, the audience should feel a reason to be happy for watching.

Every one of the items in this notebook were hand-lettered and illustrated by Bob and the results were a stunning piece of work - so much so that when Bob offered L&L Publishing its contents for publication in 1992, it was decided that the most fitting way to release it was in facsimile format, presenting each item exactly the way it appeared in Bob's notebook.

In these 192 hand-lettered and illustrated pages, you'll find stand-out effects like 7 The Hard Way, the spot card effect in the shape of a die; Let's Make A Deal Dollar Bill in Lemon, in which you trade a dollar bill for the contents of a locked box. His bill is burned, then found inside a lemon inside the locked box!; Curse of the Invisible Flying Card, an amazing card and silk in balloon routine; Cut & Restored, in which a piece of rope is placed inside a folded magazine page. The paper and rope are cut in two. The halves are brought together and both rope and magazine end up restored. Most notably, you'll discover Bob's work on the E. Scott Powers Fast Draw Card Index, hailed as one of the easiest and fastest methods of secretly obtaining a playing card ever created...and easily worth the price of the book!

The 57 items in this book cover a wide spectrum of magic. There's parlor and stage magic, close-up magic, gambling routines, card magic, children's magic, even mentalism and bizarre magic. There's truly something for everyone regardless of skill level or specialty. A lifetime of magic is represented in Bob Wagner's Master Notebook of Magic