Superb Sorcery
Waldman, Sheldon
Sheldon Waldman (1987)
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Magic tricks - History
Paper, stapled, 
USA  eng
Waldman, Sheldon: Superb Sorcery
With a Chapter on Coin Magic by Russ Burns
©1987 Sheldon Waldman
Paper, stapled, 70 pages


1 The Art of Double Cutting the Cards
1 To Transfer Some Cards to the Top of the Deck
2 To Bring the Selected Card to the Top
2 To Cut One or More Cards from the Top to the Bottom
2 To Doublecut a Selected Card to the Bottom
3 The Downs Change
3 The Martian Deck of Cards
6 The Macwaldman's Aces
9 E-Z Double Vanish
10 The Glide Reverse Vanish
11 The Downs Change Vanish
11 Visible Change Collins Vanish
12 Recovery of the Aces
13 Double Lift Finesse
16 No Shell Ball Routine
20 Magic and Entertainment
20 Four Objects and One Cover
25 A Flashy Vanish
26 Three Rising Cards
32 Round Trip Fare - Departure
34 Round Trip Fare - Return
37 Simple Impossible
39 Whimsical Coins and Purse Frame
41 The Joker is Wild
43 The Persistent Ace
46 Round Trip Matrix
51 10 Cards Across
56 Bill in the Roll
59 Bill in the Roll II
61 Russ Burn's Coin Magic
65 Okito Halves to Quarters
67 Hotshot
69 Banned in Boston
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No. of Pages 70
Height x Width 11.0 x 8.5  inch
Original Publication Year 1988
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Location Home Magic Library
Condition Near Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor