The Complete Book of Magic
Peter Warlock
Abbey Library (1956)
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Magic tricks
Great Britain  eng
Warlock, Peter: Peter Warlock's Book of Magic
©1956 Arco Publishers Ltd, NY
Hardcover, 6.5x9.5", 141 pages

Comments: This seems to be the same books as "The Complete Book of Magic". From the jacket flap: "This latest addition to Arco's popular library of Magic and Magicians is by that celebrated magician Peter Warlock, whose television audiences number millions. In it he not only reveals the secrets of his craft and the details of many of his own famous tricks and illusions, but contributes valuable advice on one of the most important aspects of a modern magician's performance, the planning of his programme. Peter Warlock devotes a brilliant chapter to the essentials of creating a true magical atmosphere, and then proceeds to explain in helpful detail the make-up of a good magical programme. The great number of tricks which he expounds are divided into opening tricks, intermediate tricks, and closing tricks, and he also shows the reader how to construct a good programme from them. All the tricks are fully explained at every stage, and are illustrated with first-class photographs, which make it impossible for the amateur magician to misunderstand the smallest detail. This is one of the most helpful and stimulating books of magic for magicians of all kinds by a magician whose own personal success time and again in the trying conditions of a TV studio is proof of his mastery of magic."

7 Introduction

11 Miscellaneous Magic
11 Palming
14 The Flyaway Ring
19 The Ring on the Wand
21 Destruction and Restoration
24 A Utility Device for Producing, Vanishing and Changing Small Articles
26 The Phoenix
31 The Colours Across
35 Matter Through Matter
37 The Soft Ring
41 Candles In the Dark
44 The Flying Handkerchief
47 And So - Good Night
51 One Chance In Three
55 Pot-Pourri
58 Quick Dyeing
59 The Homing Balls
62 The Loyal Papers
65 Smoky

71 Card Magic
71 Some Sleights and Subtleties
84 Sandwich Spread
86 The Thought Speller
90 THe Pecking Bird
93 Three for Luck
97 The Ambitious Cards
99 An Easy Card Location
100 Sixth Sense
105 Kismet
110 Satan's Scissors
114 Hoodwinked

123 Mental Mysteries
123 Sight Unseen
126 The Triangle of Thought
130 The Negation of Time

135 Notes on Presentation
135 Notes on Presentation
139 Making Up Your Programmes
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Peter Warlock (born Alec William Bell), was a semi professional magician and publisher of "Pentagram" 1946-1959, "new Pentagram" 1969-1989. In 1952, he was awarded the IBM's British Ring Shield. His magician daughter, Elizabeth (see above) won the award in 1953.
Invented: Self Contained Milk Pitcher, Ringcord, Out of the Loop, Giant Size Triple Tubes, Silk Filter, Adhesive Glass, Cream of the Jest, Atomic Silk, Ring and Rope Release, PW Slip Cut
Wrote: Patterns for Psychics (c 1940), Bautier de Kolta Genius of Illusion, P.T. Selbit A Magical Innovator (with Eric Lewis), The Best Tricks With Slates (1942), A Haunting We Will Go, or Edison’s Box, The Complete Book of Magic, Walter Jeans, Illusioneer (1986) (with Eric Lewis)