RODOLFO -- MT281.201
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RODOLFO -- MT281.201
Famous Hungarian Magician

LOCATION: Hungary.
OBV: "RODOLFO", to left of bust looking left.
REV: 'VIGYA`ZAT CSALOK", in center line, between two
raised textured half circles.
COMPOSITION: Plastic. Medal St. 33.5-S

1911 - 1987
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Condition Near Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Rezso Gács, stage name Rodolfo – (1911-87) Artist of Merit (1960), Artist of Excellence (1971) and SZOT (National Trades Union Council) Award (1980). Inspired to take up conjuring by a Chinese pearl seller, he was encouraged and taught by Zuárd Odry, who also gave Gács his stage name, Rodolfo Grosso. In January 1931 he became a member of the Society of Hungarian Artistes. Not only was he contracted at many popular venues in Budapest, but he also travelled the world as an entertainer. From 1967 he took part as an invited performer at international congresses of magicians. The secret of his success was practising his tricks to perfection and his ability to create a rapport with the audience. Even after he retired, he practised four hours a day. His well-known slogan was “Watch my hands – I’m cheating!”


Rodolfo, named Rezso Gács at birth (Budapest, 1911. May 16. - Budapest, 1987. January 25.) magician.

"Watch my hands, because I'm cheating" - he said, and one wonder came after the other. Unnoticeably nipped small objects from the pockets of the audience, read their minds, and used more than 5000 magic tricks. He was the greatest Hungarian magician known, and was mentioned with the greatest magicians of the century in a book in the USA.

Rodolfo was born in Budapest as the son of a Nagyfuvaros street typesetter on May 16, 1911. His parents named him Rezso Gács. A Chinese bead vendor taught the young, "marveling at the world", "have a finger in every pie" kid his first magic trick. The next day, while he was showing off his fresh knowledge to his friends, he caught the eye of the famous Hungarian actor Árpád Ódry as he was walking by. Árpád Ódry, who himself liked magic tricks and by the way happened to be the President of the Hungarian Magicians Association, took the young kid with the skilled hands under his wings.

The training of the artist who become world famous under the name of Rodolfo was long and extensive. For years they only took up the basics and have not stepped forward to the advanced knowledge. He started his career in 1930 at the Municipal Grand Circus, Budapest, and the news of his talent soon arrived to foreign lands where he also became well know. He entertained audiences in London, Lausanne, Paris and Berlin among other cities. Later he thought his knowledge at the Artist Academy and other renowned institutions. He also wrote a book on his magic art and have made a magic kit that become many children's favorite game.

Magic wasn't only a career for him but a life form. Even after the age of 70 he still practiced 4 hours every day in front of a 6 foot mirror, making sure that every movement was perfect. He was a humble artist - and nothing proves that more than the fact that he performed with the same perfection to the poorest audiences just as on the shiny stages and famous places. He practiced for every performance like his life depended on it. During the world war it seemed like he was a wizard as he was always able to get smile on the faces of crippled soldiers in the army hospitals walking from bed to bed. But his life was not wizardry but hard work, will power, and struggle that at the end resulted in the magic, the miracle. His creed was that: "The artist who is satisfied with himself, is not an artist anymore. He is dead."