The New Book of Tricks
Wehman, Henry J.
Wehman Brothers (1910)
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Magic tricks
USA  eng
Wehman Bros. (Publisher): The New Book of Tricks
©1910 (circa) Henry J. Wehman, Wehman Bros., NY
Softcover, perfect-bound, 7.5x5", 89 pages plus ads


Contents (from book ToC, some page numbers estimated)

5 Preliminary Instruction

8 Tricks Requiring Simple Apparatus
8 The Wonderful Hat
8 The Magic Coin
8 Palming Coin
9 Two Invisible Substances, Each Having A Pungent Smell, Converted Into One Visible Compound, Having No Smell
9 To Make The Hands Ana Face Become Black By Washing Them In Clean Water
9 To Boil An Egg Without Fire
10 To Run A Knife Through One's Arm Without Injury
10 How To Put An Egg In A Bottle
11 Cure For Troublesome Spectators
11 To Eat A Peek Of Shavings And Convert Them Into A Ribbon
12 The Hat And Quarter Trick
12 To Make A Dime Pass Through A Table
12 The Poker Puzzle
13 Magical Illusions
13 The Erratic Egg
13 How To Cut Glass
13 The Two Communicative Busts
14 To Make Fire-Proof Paper
14 The Four Confederate Cards
14 The Chest That Opens At Command
14 How To Eat Tow, And Set It On Fire In Your Mouth
15 How To Tell The Number That Any Person Thinks Of
15 The Enchanted Cock
15 To Melt Steel As Easily As Lead
15 To Make Fire Burn Under Water
15 To Produce A Mouse From A Pack Of Cards
16 To Lift Three Matches With One
16 To Tell The Hour Of The Day Or Night By A Suspended Quarter
17 An Amusing Trick For The Drawing-Room, And A Good Subject For A Wager J
17 A Self-Working Turnspit
17 The Magic Snuff Box
18 To Cook An Omelette In A Hat
18 An Explosive Bottle
18 An After-Dinner Feat
18 To Take A Dollar Piece Out Of A Vase Of Water Without Wetting Your Hands
19 The Wonderful Swan
19 A Card Nailed To The Wall By A Pistol Shot
20 The Magnetized Cane
20 The Invisible Visible
21 The Invisible Coin
21 Prince Rupert’s Drops
22 The Obedient Dime
22 Bengal Lights
22 The Magical Knot
23 Knocking The Head Against A Door
23 How To Lift A Flint Glass With A Straw
24 To Put A Ring Through Your Cheek, And Then To Bring It On A Stick
24 They Mysterious Coin, or How to Make Cents Pass Through a Glass, a China Plate, a Table and Fall Into the Hands
25 The Russian Ring Trick
25 To Change a Dime To a Quarter
25 To Make Water Remain in a Vessel With Holes In Its Bottom
25 The Conjuror's Joke
26 To Make Magic Pictures
26 How to Melt Metal in a Walnut Shell
26 To Put a Lighted Candle Under Water
27 The Magic Cups
27 To Pass a Quarter Into a Ball of Worsted
27 To Change the Color of a Liquid in a Glass Several Different Times
27 To Cut Ofa Chicken's Head Without Killing It
28 To Make a Liquid Boil Without Fire
28 The Cut String Restored
28 To Make Ice in Summer
29 Magic Money
29 The Bottle Imp
29 To Pierce a Flank With the End of a Candle
30 The Magical Mirror
31 The Awl Which Does No Harm
31 How to Make a Coin Stick Against the Wall
32 The Restored Ribbon
32 A Self Turning Cross
33 To Cut And Apple Into Quarters Without Damaging The Peel
33 The Impossible Omelet
34 A Self-Acting Pump
34 To Put A String Into The Fire Without Burning It
34 A Quarter Changed Into A Two-Cent Piece
35 To Cause A Person To Believe There Is Not A Ball Beneath A Cup While There Are Several
35 The Sign Of The Cross
36 The Visible Invisible
36 The Second-Sight Trick
37 Go If You Can
37 The Card Changed By Word Of Command
38 To Take Away Any Middle Object Without Touching It
38 Iron Transformed Into Copper
39 A Lamp That Will Burn For A Year
39 To Furnish Ladies With A Magic Supply Of Tea Or Coffee At Their Selection, From One And The Same Jug
40 To Change Water Into Wine
40 To Furnish A Treat To The Gentlemen
41 The Double Meaning
41 To Give A Party A Ghostly Appearance
42 Candles Extinguished And Lighted By Pistol Shots
43 The Gun Trick
43 How To Cut Off Your Nose
43 To Remove A Key From A Double String Which Is Held In A Person's Two Hands
44 To Make A Card Pass From One Hand Into The Other
44 The Dancing Egg
44 To Make A Coin Turn Upon Its Edge On The Point Of A Needle
44 The Magic Bouquets
45 The Magic Shrub
45 The Glass Of Claret Changed Into A Shower Of Rose Leaves
45 The Maginfying Reflector
46 The Vanishing Dime
46 The Magic Balver
47 To Make Water Rise From A Saucer Into A Glass
47 Fireside Mesmerism
47 To Hold A Glassful Of Water Upside Down Without Spilling
48 The Magic Egg
48 The Magic Knife
49 The Die Trick
49 To Pour Wine And Water Into The Same Glass Without Their Mixing
50 To Prepare A Fountain Of Fire
50 The Turn Wonder
50 The Old Man's Face
50 To Shoot A Small Bird And Bring It To Life Again
51 The Conjuror's Stroke
51 The Decapitation
52 The Link Boys
52 To Draw Two Figures With Crayon On A Wall, One Of Whick Will Light A Taper And The Other Extinquish It
52 The Lost Ring Found
53 The Doubled Coin
53 To Tell In Advance A Card Selected By Anyone
54 The Knife In The Decanter
55 To Burn The Poker In The Candle
56 Another Method To Learn What Card A Person Has Drawn From The Pack
56 To Find Tin The Pack And Through A Handkerchief Whatever Card A Person Has Drawn
56 The Inseparable Sticks, Or The Cut Strings Restored
58 Houdin's Nut Trick
58 The Floating Beacon
58 Incombustible Substances
59 The Doll Trick
59 To Write A Letter Five Miles Off
60 To Copy A Seal
60 To Tell If A Person Is In Love
60 To Make A Cross In The Hand With One Stroke Of The Pen
60 To Divide A Coin Without Cutting It
60 Exploding Pastilles
60 Magic Writing - Letters That Will Come And Go At Command
61 To Tell The Card Thought Of In A Circle Of Ten
61 To Restore Burnt Ribbon
61 To Make A Figure Which Will Raise Itself Unaided
61 To Change Steel Into Copper Or Brass
62 To Inflame Spirits Of Wine By An Electric Spark
62 The Magic Flask
63 How To Make A Knife Leap Out Of A Pot
63 To Light A Candle Without Touching The Wick
63 Luminous Water Jet
63 A Distorted Figure Seen Well Proportioned From A Certain Point Of View
64 How To Change A Pack Of Cards Into All Manner Of Pictures
64 Magic Milk
65 The Silver Tree
65 How To Cut A Visiting Card For A Cat To Jump Through It
66 The Inexhaustible Bottle
67 To Find Six Times Thirteen In Twelve
67 An Amusing Recreation
67 To Make A Loaf Dancing While It Is Baking In The Oven
68 The Board And Ball
68 Lightning Without Thunder Or Rain
69 Tontine - A Very Pretty Game At Cards, With Which A Large Party May Be Amused
69 Tricks With The Magic Lantern
70 Rings And Double Ribbons - A Japanese Trick
71 Magic Appearance Of A Globe Of Water Full Of Fish
71 The Tape Trick
72 A Mariner's Compass Made On A Lady's Thimble
72 Magic Pictures Alternately Representing Summer And Winter
73 Solid Steel Will Float On Water
73 The Magic Star
75 How To Tell Anybody's Age
75 The Magic Book
76 To Find A Number Thought Of
76 How To Remove A Man's Shirt Without Taking Off His Coat Or Vest
76 The Row Of Figures
77 Musical Flame
77 The Magic Oracle
78 The Revolving Image
78 To Break A Stick Laid On Two Glasses Full Of Water Without Breaking The Glasses Or 78 Spilling The Water
79 A Man Always Upright
79 To Pull A Ball Or Coin Out Of The End Of A Wand
79 The Magic Portrait
80 To Draw Two Figures With Charcoal On A Wall So That One Will Light A Taper And The Other Extinguish It
80 A Trick By Means Of Which You Change The Color Of The Plumage Of A Bird Or The Petals Of A Flower
81 Optical Subtraction
81 To Bring A Person Down Upon A Feather

82 The Secret Of Second-Sight
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