Sermons in magic
Wells, Harold Philmore
Moody Press (1976)
In Collection
Magic tricks
Paperback 0802478239
USA  eng
Wells, Harold Philmore: Sermons in Magic
©1976 Harold Wells, Moody Press
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 119 pages

Comments: Formerly released as Sermons In Magic for Youngsters, Volumes 1-4. Each trick provides a scripture verse for reference, and uses a magic trick to demonstrate a Biblical message.

Contents (Partial from fist page of book ToC, missing the rest):

9 Introduction
13 Important Rules
19 Preparation

23 God’s Word Is Indestructible
25 Only in God Can We Trust
27 God’s Power to Break the Chains of Sin
30 The Piercing Power of God’s Word
32 Made Whole Through Faith
34 Man’s Greatest Gift to God
36 The Fruits of the Spirit
39 The Power of Prayer
42 Power in the Blood
44 Complete in Christ
47 God’s Judgment
50 Dare to Do the Impossible
52 Don’t Tell a Lie
54 Satan’s Snare

----missing rest to page 119 ----
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Edition Third Edition
No. of Pages 119
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