TANNEN, LOUIS -- MT314.001 - Gold Color
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TANNEN, LOUIS -- MT314.001

OBV: Hand holding fan of cards, pips spell out LOUIS TANNEN.
REV: Busts of Houdini, Kellar & Thurston with names, MAGIC'S IMMORTALS.
COMPOSITION: GS, R2; Brass colored steel, R2; Gold colored, R2; AL, R2; ST, R5. 31.5-R

ADDITIONS: Variants exist, Gilt with blank back, Obv. Has 3 distinct die variations, per JNN article by Ed Heyl.
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Read It Yes
Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Louis Tannen
From MagicPedia
Louis Tannen (Feburary 14, 1909 - March 19, 1982) was founder of Louis Tannen, Inc., one of the largest magic dealers.

Tannen was a life-long magician, starting out as a kid magician. He started a magic shop with his brother Irv in 1925. He was publisher of the Tannen edition of the Tarbell Course, in seven volumes.

In 1974 Tannen's Magic created the first Magic Camp for young people. Some notable graduates were David Blaine, Darren Romeo, Nathan Burton, Vito Lupo, Joshua Jay and Steve Cohen.

Louis created a number of effects including Salt-Go and a version of the Haunted Deck (1933).