WIZARD OF OZ -- MT350.000 - (Cowardly Lion)
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WIZARD OF OZ -- MT350.000

DATE: 1967.
OBV: Head of Wizard of Oz figure, name. (Wizard of Oz, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman, Cowardly Lion, Wicked Witch).
REV: Figure and a trick (Wizard Trick, Crying Dorothy, Walking Scarecrow, Tin Man lift, Lion Trick, Remove the witch), and a trick. (6 different)
COMPOSITION: BLP, R2, V2; OP, R2, V2; YP, R2, V2; PP, R2, V2. 36.5-S

These plastic tokens were premiums in packages of Armour Star franks, in their "Win A Wish From The Wizard" promotion, which had the motto "Coin more sales Magic".

Information From:
Magicians' Tokens And Related Items
An Illustrated check-list with estimates of values and rarities.
by F. William Kuethe, Jr.
TAMS Journal, Volume 18, Number 5, October 1978, (Part Two)
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Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Near Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
This is a 1967 - WIZARD OF OZ - 6 - Yellow Plastic - MAGIC TOKENS featuring 2 Dorthoy, 1 Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, The Wizard and Wicked Witch - Sales Premium. These were put out as a premium in 1967 by Armour Franks. There were 6 characters with tricks or stunts on the back, in Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Orange colors.