WONG, ALAN -- MT350.200
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WONG, ALAN -- MT350.200
(Alan Wong Magic Wishing Coin)

DATE: 1938
OBV: Star in center, around is "MAY YOUR WISH COME TRUE".
REV: "ONE / MAGIC / WISH" in center, around is 8 stars.
COMPOSITION: Chromed steel. R1 39-S

Thin and made for palming. At 39 mm in size. An unlisted

Alan is possibly the most creative and original magician in Hong Kong, performing his own material for close-up and parlor magic at corporate and private events. Alan is touted as the "Magician's Magician" as his material has generated great interest and following among other magicians. His is highly respected in the magic community for a number of unique inventions which are widely available in magic shops around the world. People talk for days about Alan's amazing magic

Size: 39 mm.
Material: Chromed steel. Attracted by magnet.
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Read It Yes
Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor