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LOCATION: Columbus, Ohio
DATE: Unknown
OBV: Hindu gazing in crystal ball with swastika, "Good Luck Will / Accompany The / Bearer".
REV: 7 figures, sunburst, eye "The All seeing Eye / Guards You From Evil".

Information From:
Magicians' Tokens And Related Items
An Illustrated check-list with estimates of values and rarities.
by F. William Kuethe, Jr.
TAMS Journal, Volume 18, Number 5, October 1978, (Part Two)
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Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
1920's-1930's Good Luck Token with Swami & All Seeing Eye

When these tokens came out alot of folks were really down on their luck. The 1920- 1930 era. The depression, Wall Street had crashed, thousands were starving and without jobs. JUST LIKE NOW! The coin has the All Seeing Eye on one side with rays rising up from the eye. In each of the rays are good luck symbols. The Swastika, Elephant, Lock and Key, Four Leaf Clover, Horseshoe, Wishbone and Rabbits Foot. Around the eye it states " The All Seeing Eye Guards You From Evil". On the other side of the coin is a Swami in a turban with a crystal ball. Inside the crystal ball is a Swastika. At the bottom of the coin on this side at the bottom of the coin it states " Good Luck Will Accompany The Bearer". Ironic is the Swastika being a symbol of Good Luck until Hitler used the symbol also in the 1930's. The coin is not perfect. The token is about 1 1/4 inch wide and weighs about 11.1 grams.