Dr. Ben B. Braude
2 Photographs
In Collection
"Dr. Ben B. Braude"... dated 1945...

Is Complete and Intact as photographed by "Irving Desford, Jamaica, N.Y."...
No Wear or Any Damage noted...
Photo shows Dr. Braude performing at weekly S.A.M. show...
Also Included is a newspaper clipping that was also Signed by "Dr. Ben B. Braude"...
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Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Taken from Magipedia:

Dr. Ben Braude D.D.S., was a dentist and magic author who ghosted some of John Scarne books.
A friend of Scarne, he held I.B.M. No. 7994 since 1944 and was a member of the Order of Merlin
and Ring 26 (New York City) of which he was a Past President.
He was also a member of SAM Parent Assembly (No. 3615) since 1945 and a past president.
He was also a prolific letter writer, and over the years he amassed a collection of autographs.
Dr. Braude won the Buckley Trophy for the best card trick at the Chicago S. A. M. convention in 1948.