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Vintage 1941 Magician Hubert Brill movie still photo from "Lost In A Harem", with Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. Photo by Fred Hendrickson, RKO Pictures.

Hubert Brill

Date of Birth:8 August 1914, USA
Date of Death:November 1977, New York, New York, USA
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Hubert Brill (?-1978) was a professional magician in California who was very active in the magic societies on the west coast.

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At one time was working towards becoming a lawyer.[1]

From the May 1939 issue to the August issue of Genii, Brill has several articles on using Marked Cards.

In 1940 Brill, then chairman of the Expose and Ethics Committee of P.C.A.M. comes under fire for assisting the Thrifty Drug Stores chain with exposing magic on a twice weekly radio broadcast. Brill claims he only got involved in the consulting job "to prevent really good tricks from being exposed." Brill chose to resign from them SAM when asked to quit exposing or resign.[2]

Brill was eventually reinstated in November 1978, just before he passed away. [3]

1939 Caryl Fleming trophy for his telepathy act.
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