Alfred Caroselli
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From the estate of Kim Kee aka - Alexander The Great
Alex was a fine performer in his own right but also manufactured many unique items that are hard to find and scarce

Very Rare & Vintage Black/White 8" X 10" Signed Photo
To Alexander Great - Alfred Caroselli ca November 14, 1949
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Alfred Caroselli


Alfred Louis Caroselli
September 8, 1886
Agnone, Italy


January 9, 1950 (age 63)
Detroit, Michigan

Al Caroselli was a Detroit magician, musician, and artist, skilled as a manipulator of cards and coins.
He emigrated to the United States with his father, a mural painter, to this country at the at of fourteen.

His first professional performance was at the Palace Theatre in Detroit presenting a vaudeville act doing 12 to 15 shows a day for $15 a week. He then organized a bigger show with his two brothers as assistants and played throughout Michigan for a couple of years. He then went into vaudeville with Walter Domzalski for several seasons.

Caroselli returned to Detroit and engaged in the music business, doing mural decoration in churches and theatres, performing with Magic, and later manufacturing magical devices. He was a veteran member of the Society of Detroit Magicians, which he served as president.[1]

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