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Here is a excellent condition photo of RON CONLEY the famous magician from south carolina, the photo is not signed but is original
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Ron Conley

Delivering a serious message with comedy isn't so hard because comedy is serious business!! Ron the Magic Dealer, received his training from Gene Gordon, who started the International Brotherhood of Magicians. As Ripley’s Believe It or Not! magician, Ron, operated five Magic Shops, did promotional work, and invented many company oriented magic products. Lance Burton and Doug Henning were customers in his early stores. In addition to doing consulting work for Bush Gardens, he was the manager of the Magic Shop at the original Houdini Hall of Fame, won the World Wide Air Force Talent Contest, and even worked for one of the largest manufactures of gaffed gambling equipment, George & Company. A veteran performer, Ron has worked just about every venue imaginable, except funerals, although he did try to book one! Some of his favorites include Gambling Ships, The Circus, Night Clubs, Trade Shows, and Festivals. However, if you ask him what Big Time Magic is, he will say "Schools!". During the last seven years Ron has presented his "Magical Say No Show" thousands of times and in fact, he has worked nearly every Elementary and Primary school in South Carolina! Unique in his Drug Program is the comedy, but it works because Saying No to Drugs is like Comedy.....Serious Business!

Whether it is Close-up Magic or Stage presentation, Ron’s a winner, in fact he has 33 trophies to prove it, including a Gold Rabbit from the PCAM for his Billiard Ball Manipulation ! He spent three years working the Brass Anchor Lounge in Myrtle Beach, has appeared at the Magic Castle, and at one time had his own TV Program called Magic Castle Cartoons. Ask Ron what makes magic fun and he will tell you "being able to entertain in so many different arenas". See a venue you like and say......I can do that....I can work there.....and then you do! Instant dreams come true. By the way, that’s what Ron will tell you, he is selling at Conley’s House of Magic......dreams ! Got dreams?...catch Conley’s presentations at The Comedy Magic Work Shop in Las Vegas!