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Here's Irene Larson, Patrick Paige, Mike Caldwell, Ali Bongo, Tommy Tucker and Karrell Fox doing what they did best; performing for an appreciative audience at a magic convention in the Boston area sometime in the 1970's.
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Karrell Fox


January 30, 1928
East Rainelle; West Virginia


March 12, 1998 (age 70)
Las Vegas

Resting place

Lakeside Cemetery in Colon, Michigan

Karrell J. Fox (January 30, 1928 - March 12, 1998), born in East Rainelle, West Virginia, was one of the first magicians to work Trade Shows and billed himself as "King of Korn".

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When Fox was a child, his parents operated a small restaurant. A customer sneaked out without paying his bill, but left behind a few small tricks. With these, Karrell began his magic career. By the age of 18, Karrel appeared on the "Ed Sullivan Show" and was co-owner of a Detroit magic shop.

He created the "Magic Wold of Ford" for the Ford Motor Company and toured with it for many years. He later had his own TV show, performing as Milky the Clown.

Fox was a regular performer at Abbott's Get-Togethers. Abb Dickson was Karrell's "Partner in Fun" for more than 25 years, performing with him at magic conventions all over the world. For several years he wrote the column "FOX-TALES" in "TOPS" magazine.

Fox served as the 48th International President of the I.B.M. from 1986 to 1987.

Karrell Fox was buried at Lakeside Cemetery in Colon Michigan.[1][2][3]

Awards and Honors
Sphinx Silver Medal (at 17)
Creative Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts


Bullseye Card
B.S. Miser's Dream Pail
Magical Assets
Take It and Stick It
Two Fisted Book Test
Mene-Tekel Book Test
Knifty Knot
No Not
Baffling Blow-Outs

Kornfidentially Yours (1954)
Comedy A La Card (1960)
Clever Like a Fox (1976)
Another Book by Karrell Fox (1979)
Abra K Fox (1983)
For My Next Trick (1986)
My Latest Book (1988)
Much Ado About Something (1995)

Karrell Fox, The Legend (1998)

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