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A Flosso was not only a masterful magician, but he also owned Houdini’s old magic shop in New York City, the Flosso Hornmann Magic Shop. He performed at Coney Island for years. If you want to see genius at work and laugh your head off, look up Al Flosso on YouTube and watch his misers dream coin routine.
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Al Flosso (October 10, 1895 - May 13, 1976), born Albert Levinson in New York City, was known as The Coney Island Fakir.[1]

Raised on Manhattan's Lower East Side, he befriended Dunninger and the Marx Brothers. His childhood nickname - "Floss" - was derived from Flosterstein, his mother's maiden name.

He was a Vaudeville-era magician who perfected the Miser's Dream. He was later featured on early TV shows such as 'Toast of the Town', 'The Ed Sullivan Show', 'The Steve Allen Show' and 'Wonderama', among many others.

In 1939 he took over the then called Hornmann Magic Company on 34th Street in New York City after death of Professor Ducrot. He renamed it to Martinka magic and ran the shop until his death in 1976. At that point his son, Jackie, took over the shop.

In 1973, S.A.M. presented Flosso with the Star of Magic Award.

Al died of complications from kidney surgery.[2][3][4]

The Coney Island Fakir: The Magical Life of Al Flosso by Gary Brown (1997)
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