Marvyn and Carol Roy - Mr. Electric
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Mr. Electric; Marvyn and Carol Roy

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Marvyn Roy

Born Marvin A. Levy
April 1, 1925
Los Angeles, California

Marvyn Roy (b.1925), also known as Mr. Electric and Mr. Puzzle, started performing professionally in 1949 with his wife Carol.

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While in his teens, Roy developed an award winning act of silk magic called "Marvyn the Silk Merchant."

In 1950, he developed the first version of his magic act featuring lightbulbs, "Artistry in Light" , with input from Alan Wakeling and Ray Muse. He also obtained the rights to some effects featured by Bobby Voltaire.

At the request of an agent, he learned to ice skate in order to present the act in several ice shows. It was during this time that he met his future wife and partner Carol in Phoenix, Arizona. They married on Labor Day, 1956 and throughout the 1950's, they gained popularity as "Mr. Electric and Carol".[1]

Awards and honors
"Magician of the Year" from the International Brotherhood of Magicians (December, 2008)

Mr. Electric Unplugged (2005)

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