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Meir Yedid has given a totally new interpretation to the phrase "sleight of hand." Disregarding the conventional accessories of the close-up magician, Meir’s nimble hands provide the setting and backdrop for a self-contained magic show.
His little finger telescopes backward and forward; each finger disappears in turn; his thumb travels up his arm. At one stage, he removes his little finger and replaces it with a spare.

Using the simple finger tricks we’ve all attempted in childhood, Meir added advanced digital skills and misdirection to convey a sequence of genuine illusions as original as anything in magic. This routine, "Finger Fantasies," created in 1979, garnered Meir worldwide acclaim and became a stepping stone for appearances and lectures in Asia, Australia, Europe, South America and the United States. He went on to publish the routine and has authored more than 10 books on conjuring.

His television feature appearances include: Comedy Tonight (FOX-TV, U.S.A.), Paul Daniels Show (BBC-TV, Great Britain), Naruhodo the World (FUJI-TV, Japan), Luna de Verano (CSTV, Spain), Knoff Hoff Show (ZDFTV, Germany), Mind Over Matter (ACTV, U.S.A.), and dozens of other spots on news shows, talk shows, music videos, etc. His Broadway credits include: Mr. Bob’s Magical Holiday.

Meir won the coveted Society of American Magicians 1981 Close-Up Magic Championship with his finger routine. Then a tragedy befell him that would have ended a magic career for nearly anyone else.

In 1986, a car accident severed a third of his right hand, the hand used for the routine. After nine micro-surgeries and a year and a half of extensive therapy, Meir continues to amaze audiences with a refined sense of magical dexterity and buoyant resiliency. He again claimed the S.A.M. Close-Up Magic Championship, in 1988, although this time performing his trademark finger routine with his left hand. This made Meir the first person to win the award more than once. He also received a special originality medal for his creative contributions to the art of magic.

Currently Meir resides in Fair Lawn, N.J., and operates Meir Yedid Magic, offering the magic community the highest quality, innovative effects, literature and videos from many of magic's leading creators. He consults with toy manufacturers, performs for corporate clients in a private setting or in trade show venues, devises original magic and has been an innovator in creating and implementing a strong magic presence on the world wide web.

In 1997 Meir was voted as The Magician of the Year by the Society of American Magicians in New York City and in 2003 he was the Guest Of Honor at the prestigious Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic Convention.