Vintage & Rare Guild Of Prestidigitator Lapel Pin
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Memorbilia, Ephemera 
Vintage & Rare Guild Of Prestidigitator Lapel Pin

Never worn - in original packaging
Made by J. A. Meyers Company - Los Angeles, California

International Guild of Prestidigitators

International Guild of Prestidigitators (IGP) was a magic organization of performers organized by Ben Chavez (also founder of the Chavez Studio of Magic) in Los Angeles in 1943, along with his wife Delorys (Marion Chavez).
There were at least seven "lodges" and reports of various activities could be seen in magazines as late as the 1990s.
An ad for their 1963 convention in Mexico City was in the Linking Ring June 1963.
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor