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Letter From Tony Hassini Chairman / CEO of the International Magicians Society
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Tony Hassini

Written by:Timothy

Name: Tony Hassini
Date of Birth: 1941
Place of Birth: Cyprus
Currently situated in: All over the world for his project “Great Magicians of The World”
Relationship Status: Married

“Anyone can reach their goals, as long as you believe in yourself and never give up”

Most people know Tony Hassini as the founder of (International Magicians Society), IMS for short. Tony founded the IMS in July 1968, and its members have since ballooned into a stunning 37,000 members! It is recognised by Guinness World Records as the largest magic society and it is still growing day by day!

IMS also awards the prestigious Merlin Award each year, the Merlin award, which is the Oscars of Magic, recognises extremely gifted magicians each year. Its receipients to date includes David Copperfield, Pen and Teller, Criss Angel, Tabary, Jeff Mcbride, Rocco, Bill Malone to name a few.

As a young child with a hearing impairment and a learning disability called dyslexia, Tony left his home at a tender age of 16 to London. Unable to speak a word of English and he was washing dishes to eke out a living, he came across a magic store which started his magical journey that would change his life forever.

He then went on to countries like Poland, Germany, France, Sweden, North America, South America, Asia and so on to perform and to promote the art of magic.

He is also the Chairman and CEO of Distron Video Corporation, and has been an innovator on the leading edge of excellence in film, video, and DVD productions since 1973. He is also one of the brains behind the famous campaign “The Marvelous Magical Burger King” for the fast food chain giant Burger King.

Tony is also passionate in sharing all his life experiences and lessons to everyone. Each of his personal anecdotes contains gems and insights on how to succeed and enjoy life in the process. In his lectures and workshops, he willingly answers every question you can throw at him and talks with conviction that can only come with someone who walks the talk, who does what he says.

“Do not succeed because, succeed despite!”

The life of Tony is definitely a inspiration to all. Everyone has the right to succeed. Tony has not only been an inspiration to all Magicians, but also an even greater role model to everyone on how to live life with the right attitude and aptitude.