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Original Sam Berland Souvenir Card

This is a souvenir card from Sam Berland's Magic Shop, inviting attendees to visit his magic shop on Dearborn St. Sam Berland was a performer, inventor and magic dealer in Chicago during the 20's through the late 60's.

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Sam Berland


Samuel Berland
October 1, 1903
Poltava, Russia


May 27, 1987 (age 83)

Samuel Berland (1907-1987) was a magic dealer and inventor of popular effects and routines, especially using thimbles and dice.

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During his life he invented more than 100 effects including the popular "Devil's Dollar" and wrote some 13 books on tricks and illusions.

By 1920 Berland and friend Harry Faber were being published by Sphinx Magazine, using the by-line, The Faberlands.

Starting in 1925, he opened the Princess Magic Shop in Chicago, Illinois with partners Faber and Joe Berg, so named because it was in the same building as the Princess Theater, in Chicago's Loop. Berland was also the founder of the Berland Printing Co. in the late 30s in Chicago.

Also with Joe Berg, they were among the founding members of the The Wizard's Club in Chicago, an organization for magicians.

Many of Berland's silk magic effects are included in Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic. He was featured in the Genii 1973 March, Vol 37, #3 issue.

Awards and honors
In 1986 he received the Creative Fellowship Award from the Academy of Magical Arts.
The IBM Ring No. 43 The Harlen Tarbell Ring in Chicago Illinois, gives out the Sam Berland trophy for creativity each year.

Sucker Cigarette Box (in Novel Cigarette Tricks)

Novel Cigarette Tricks (1934)
Twenty Tricks with Wiztax (1941)
Amazing Tricks with Paper Cups (1942)
Tricks with Watches (1942)
The Book of Routines (1950)
Berland's Thimble Act (1954)
New Applause Winning Tricks (1956)
Berland’s Tricks and Routines (1963)
Tricks for Today and Tomorrow (1970)
The Magic of Sam Berland (1986)

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