Arch Triumphs
Jon Racherbaumer
on Racherbaumer, Lloyd E. Jones Magic Limited (1978)
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Magic tricks
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Racherbaumer, Jon: Arch Triumphs
©1978 Jon Racherbaumer, Lloyd E. Jones Magic Limited, Oakland, CA
Hardcover, 45 pages

Comments: Illustrated by Don Albrecht.

Contents (from book ToC):

1 Introduction
4 Triumph For Two
6 Fiofzinser Triumphs
8 About The So-Called Hofzinser Problem
10 Triumphant Aces
11 Racherbaumer Addition
12 Swindle Triumph
14 Optional Center Card Transfer
21 I-F Triumph
23 The Bowl-Over Aces
27 Stop Perfecting Triumph!
29 Push-Thru Failure Triumphs
33 Toss-In Triumph
35 Tipsy Triumph
37 Further Reading
38 Select Bibliography
43 Appendix:
43 - Deal-Down Triumph
44 - Joker Switch
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No. of Pages 45
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Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor