The Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields
Jon Racherbaumer
Tannen Magic, Inc. (1976)
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Racherbaumer, Jon (editor): The Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields
©1976 Tannen Magic Inc., NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 109 pages

Comments: Illustrations and Photos by Jon Racherbaumer.
This book was later expanded and updated as The GREATER Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields.


3 Acknowledgments
4 Dedication to Ed Marlo
5 Foreword by Don Alan
6 Way Ahead Card to Card Case: Single card appears in Card Case
10 A Marlo Variation
12 Cool Spell: Spelling revelation
14 Gall Glimpse: a glimpse card sleight
18 Jack the Bartender's Deal: mathematical card trick with a small set-up
20 Calling Your Hand Again: Poker deal
24 Marlo's Faro Variation: of the above
25 A Quintile: Deck is separated into 5 packets. Spectator mentally selects one card. He then looks in each packet and removes one card from each (including the selected card). The magician determines the card.
26 Mild Miracle: Spectator can't tell which cigarettes are lit and which aren't, to the amusement of the audience.
30 Silent Transmission Telephone Mystery: Card revelation over the phone
33 Field's Zodiac Card Miracle: cards are dealt onto Zodiac symbols. Spectator removes some cards, shuffles remaining, remembers the bottom, and and places packet on deck. Cards from deck are dealt to the Zodiac. The Birthday card is turned up, magician tells the number of the card taken and viewed.
38. Invisible Pen Mystery: A card is found after marking it with an invisible pen
41 Tripartite: Three piles are made. Spectator selects 1-3 and how the deck is ordered. Magician finds the card.
45 Marlo's Handling
48 P-O-P Peek: sleight
52 P-O-P Effect: Two selections are determined
54 Yogi You Do As I Do: Two cards match. Good.
58 Another Problem Posed: 3 packets, center turned face up and sandwiched. Deck is spread, two cards are predicted.
62 Field's Add-On: sleight
65 Dropsy Diddle: A "swindle" routine using cards and a coin. Uses top change.
70 Field's Version of an Oldie: telephone transmission effect
73 Sponge Ball Climax: with flash paper
77 Field's Relaxation Double Turnover: card sleight
80 Triple Spectator En Rapport: Three phase audience participation telepathy card effect
84 Card in Liquor Bottle: gaffed and ungaffed versions
89 Five Card Ad Infinitum Routine: Magician names mentally selected card from among five
92 Marlo's Vision: A clever approach to Color Vision (full version is in Arcade Dreams)
98 Half Fast Pass: sleight
103 Comment on Copper Silver: a way to reinforce what is going on
104 About This Book by Jon Racherbaumer
106 Who is Eddie Fields?
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