The Ascanio Spread
Jon Racherbaumer
Lloyd E. Jones Magic Limited (1980)
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Softcover 0-915926-45-8
United States of America  eng
Racherbaumer, Jon: The Ascanio Spread
©1976 Jon Racherbaumer, Lloyd E. Jones Magic Limited, CA
©1980 Jon Racherbaumer, Lloyd E. Jones Magic Limited, CA
Softcover, 8.5x11", 35 pages

Comments: a treatise on a card move originated (Arturo De Ascanio of Madrid, Spain.

Contents (from book ToC):

I Dedication - Acknowledgements
ii Introduction

1 To Begin (Jon Racherbaumer)
2 The Basic Move (Ascanio)
7 Aces Culebreates (Ascanio): Serpentine Aces
12 1-2-3-4 Flip! (Ed Marlo)
15 The Homing Card ala Ascanio (Mike Rogers)
17 The Cannibal Cards (Pete Biro)
19 The Universal Card ala Ascanio (Mike Rogers)
21 The Undulating Universal
24 The Blocked Ascanio (Ed Marlo)
26 Super Spread (Ed Marlo)
28 The Upturned One (Racherbaumer)
31 The Partial Ascanio (Eugene Castillon)
32 Monte Madness (Eugene Castillon)
32 Ladies Sing the Blues (Eugene Castillon)
33 Jackpot (Eugene Castillon)
35 Some Late Notes (Ken Beale)
And a Final Thank You
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