25 Trading Cards - Easy Magic Tricks Revealed
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25 Trading Cards,Easy Magic Tricks Revealed,MINT
(3rd of 3 sets)

Manufacturer: Edward Sharp & Sons (Confectionery)
Series Title: Hey Presto!
Year Of Issue: 1970 (All Original Cards, See Feedback)
Card Size: normal
Complete Set: yes
Number of Cards Offered: 25 cards contained in plastic wallet pages.
Format (portrait,landscape,mixed): Mixed
Condition (click for definitions) : near mint - mint

TRADE CARDS. Sharps. HEY PRESTO (Magic) (1970) (Set)
This item is a complete set of 25 standard size Original Trade Cards issued by Edward Sharp (Confectionery) in 1970 on the subject of Hey Presto (Magic). Some of the Magic Tricks included in the set are as follows:- The Impossible Button-Hole, The Floating Pin, The Paper Rope, The Tricky Balance, The Impossible Balancing Wine Glass, A Secret Code, The Pencil & Pound Note Trick, The Balancing Boxes, The Obedient Wand, The Bent Spoon, The Shrinking Coin Trick, The Self Supporting Ruler, The Disappearing Coin Trick and many others Information is printed on the backs of the cards.

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Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
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Bent Spoon,Magical Magnetism,The Shrinking Coin Trick,The Self-Supporting Ruler,Card Through Matchbox,The Balancing Card,The Coin Catch,The Disappearing Coin Trick,The Loop-To-Loops Trick,You Can't Stop Yourself,
The Impossible Button-Hole,The Floating Pin,The Warm Coin,The Paper Rope,Cut-And-Restored String,The Tricky Balance,Hey Hanky,The Impossible Balancing Wineglass,A Secret Code,The Pencil & Pound Note Trick,The Magic Knot,The Up-And-Down Ring,A Knotty
Problem,The Balancing Boxes,The Obedient Wand,The ( Creamofcards Category: miscelaneous magic qual )