25 Trading Cards - Easy Magic Tricks Revealed
4b Trading Cards & Cigarette Cards
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Magic Card
Memorbilia, Ephemera 
25 Trading Cards,Easy Magic Tricks Revealed,MINT
(2nd of 3 sets)

Manufacturer: Edward Sharp & Sons (Confectionery)
Series Title: Hey Presto!
Year Of Issue: 1970 (All Original Cards, See Feedback)
Card Size: normal
Complete Set: yes
Number of Cards Offered: 25 cards contained in plastic wallet pages.
Format (portrait,landscape,mixed): Mixed
Condition (click for definitions) : near mint - mint

Comment: Trade series of magic tricks.
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Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
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Bent Spoon,Magical Magnetism,The Shrinking Coin Trick,The Self-Supporting Ruler,Card Through Matchbox,The Balancing Card,The Coin Catch,The Disappearing Coin Trick,The Loop-To-Loops Trick,You Can't Stop Yourself,
The Impossible Button-Hole,The Floating Pin,The Warm Coin,The Paper Rope,Cut-And-Restored String,The Tricky Balance,Hey Hanky,The Impossible Balancing Wineglass,A Secret Code,The Pencil & Pound Note Trick,The Magic Knot,The Up-And-Down Ring,A Knotty
Problem,The Balancing Boxes,The Obedient Wand,The ( Creamofcards Category: miscelaneous magic qual )