Jay Marshall - Silk Cachet
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Dick Chalmers (1994)
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Ephemera, Memorbilia
Memorbilia, Ephemera 
Silk Cachet Envelope With Silk Poster - Jay Maeshall. -MINT-

Silk Cachet Envelope With Silk Poster, enclosed in embossed gold frame, put out in 1994 by Dick Chalmers, Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts. On left of the envelope is a printed miniature silk poster. To the right is text on the poster and the magician. This poster is of Jay Marshall.

DATE: 1994
SIZE: Poster is 2 5/8 by 3 3/16 inches, on envelope of 3 5/8 by 6 1/2 inches.
CONDITION: Mint condition.

Mint Limited Edition, Long Sold Out

The commemorative envelope was marketed by the New England Magic Collectors Association and Advertising Things and released in conjunction with The Yankee Gatherings IV and V. There were two editions of each envelope released, one with a postage stamp and a rubber event stamp and the un-cancelled version we are offering here. In addition to the description of the magician pictured are beautiful Colorano Silk Cachets of the magicians or their vintage posters. The Cachets are around 2.25x2.88" and the envelopes are around 6.5x3.63" in size. The quality is in mint condition.
Product Details
Extras Limited Edition
Personal Details
Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Jay Marshall Cachet Envelope

From the envelope: Jay Marshall - Dean Of The Society Of American Magicians. Awarded in 1992 as a lifetime honor for a lifetime of achievements. Jay's bedrock is in his knowledge of the history and culture of Magic. He is an author, editor, collector, historian and performer "par excellence." Jay and "Lefty" always receive a standing ovation for their performance. His audiences know that some of that affection is in appreciation of his many contributions to Magic. (Poster awarded to Jay Marshall by Manfred Thumm at the Magic Hands Kongress in Germany). Released on November 5, 1994 at Yankee Gathering IV.