Bryan-Keith Taylor Membership Card For The S.A.M.
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Bryan-Keith Taylor Membership Card For The S.A.M.


J. Christopher Bontjes
National President 2012-2013
2313 Atwood Ct.
Danville, IL 61834
(217) 474-2601
chri stophergmagi

Dear Compeer,

Thank you for your membership renewal and your continued support of The Society of American Magicians.
Your renewal continues your access to many benefits that can aid your personal growth in and service to magic.
It also helps to allow the National Council to continue the S.A.M.'s more than century-old mission of elevating
and preserving the art of magic. Enclosed is your new Talisman (membership card). Please sign the back and
reaffirm your membership pledge.

This is the third iteration of our new card design incorporating a sturdier card that you will be proud to carry and
display. There is even a reason to display the card in public — it does a trick. The effect you can perform using
the card is explained on the reverse side of this letter. You can also learn the effect via video instruction through
the S.A.M.'s new Video Instruction Program (VIP) available in the Members Only section of our web site

Each of the newly designed cards also includes a picture of a person of significance in the history of The Society
of American Magicians. I am proud to announce that this year's card features my father, J. Gary Bontjes. Gary
served as National President of the S.A.M. in 1971-72. While he was well-respected for his presidency and his
dedication to the S.A.M., his significance in the history of our great Society has recently grown.

Together, Dad and I become the first father-son presidents in the history of the S.A.M. Gary's enthusiasm for and
involvement in magic and the S.A.M. were passed on to me and I am now proud to follow in his footsteps of
service to magic and our Society. My family's involvement in magic has made me the man that I am today. And
as my father before me, I am now passing on my love of magic to my own children. It is a tradition I hope
continues for generations to come.

Your investment in the S_ A „M. means a lot. You have my word that I and all the ,embers of the National
Council will do our very best to make you feel that your membership investment was worthwhile and personally

Please take advantage of what we have to offer. Attend Assembly meetings to share, network, and grow with
other magicians in your area. Read M-U-M Magazine for news, features, tricks, and reviews. Join SAMtalk, find
us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter to interact online with magicians worldwide. Visit for the latest breaking news, lists of membership benefits, blogs, and more magic. Attend
our National Convention to interact in person with magicians from around the world. Then tell all your friends.

In other words — Get Involved... and Pass It On!

Yours in Magic, Unity, and Might,
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Location Magic Library (Home)
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
2012 Membership Card Prediction

Spectator freely chooses a card by inserting your S.A.M. membership card into a fanned deck of
cards. The membership card reveals the card above and below the spot where the membership card
was inserted.

Place the ten of diamonds on the top of the deck and the two of diamonds on the bottom.

(Patter is in bold, actions are in italics.)
I am a proud member of the Society of American Magicians. We are the world's oldest and
most prestigious magic organization. As a matter of fact, our Society is so magical that even
our membership card can do a trick.
Show spectators the . front of your card (the side with your name).
I would like you to select a card in the fairest way possible, so would you please insert this card
(the membership card) into the deck anywhere you would like?
Hand your membership card to the spectator front side up so that they grasp the end where your
name begins, front side up. (A false cut and/or a riffle shuffle retaining the top and bottom cards
can be done here ifyou wish.) Fan the deck and allow the spectator to insert your membership card.
With the right hand, gather and lift the cards above the membership card, leaving the membership
card and the lower portion of the deck in the left hand.
You selected this card right here.
Gesture to the card below your membership card with the cards in your right hand.
Would you like to change your mind?
If yes, give them back the membership card, put the right hand packet on top of the left hand packet,
,fan the cards, and allow the spectator to choose again. If not, go on.
There is a prediction printed on the back of the card.
Turn the right hand and its packet over. With the right hand thumb, grasp the membership card at
the end where your name begins and add it to the packet in your right hand. Turn the right hand
packet (now including the membership card) back over, then put the left hand packet on top of the
right hand packet. You have seemingly just turned the membership card over to display the
prediction. In the process you have actually also cut the deck at the spot where the membership
card was originally inserted and place the membership card between what was previously the top
and bottom cards of the deck.
It says, "Between the two and ten of diamonds." That doesn't seem like a very impressive
prediction, does it?
Again, with the right hand, lift the packet of cards above the membership card. Use this packet to
gesture toward the prediction.
Well, impressive or not, we might as well check to see if the prediction is correct.
With the right hand, openly add the membership card (still outjogged) to the bottom of the right
hand packet. Use the corner of the outjogged membership card to turn over the card on the top of
the left hand packet (10D) onto the left hand packet.
The ten of diamonds. I don't understand. It isn't between the two and ten — it is the ten. They
told me this trick works every time, but your card isn't between the two and the ten...
(pause as a new thought apparently hits you)
Wait a minute. You put my membership card on top of the ten of diamonds, but you put it
between two cards. What if the other card was...
slowly lift the packet in the right hand to display the bottom card of the packet (2D).

* - This year's membership card effect was suggested by compeer Scott Sober of Assembly 120