Bryan-Keith Taylor Membership Card For The S.A.M.
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Membership Card 
Bryan-Keith Taylor Membership Card For The S.A.M. 2013- 2014

December 2, 2013

PO BOX 505
Parker, CO 80134
p: (303) 362-0575
f: (303) 362-0424

CHINA ME, 4358
United States

Dear Compeer TAYLOR,

Thank you for your recent dues payment. Enclosed is your new membership card.

Our records show that the original date of your election into the Society of
American Magicians was December 10, 1988. With this recent dues payment you
have reached the milestone of 25 years of paid membership in the S.A.M.
I have informed our Member Service Awards Committee of your achievement so
that a certificate can be prepared and presented to you. Congratulations!

In Service to Magic

Manon Rodriguez National Administrator

Cc: Assembly Secretary #141
Jeff Lanes - Chair, Member Service Awards Committee


Thank you for your membership renewal and your continued support of The Society of American Magicians. Your renewal
continues your access to many benefits that can aid your personal growth in and service to magic. It allows you to continue S.A.M.'s
century-old mission of elevating and preserving the art of magic. Your investment in The Society of American Magicians means a
lot. You have my word that the entire National Council will do our very best to make you feel that your membership investment is
worthwhile and personally beneficial.
Attached is your new membership card. (also referred to as a Talisman). Please sign the back with a permanent marker to reaffirm
your membership pledge. There is even a reason to show your card to others because it does a magic trick. The basic effect is
explained on the reverse side of this page. You can also learn the effect via video instruction through the S.A.M .'s Video Instruction
Program (VIP) available in the Members Only section of our web site at ww w .m agi csam . co m .
Each year the membership card honors a person of historical significance to The Society of American Magicians. I am proud to
announce that this year's honoree is Cesareo Pelaez, the founder of Le Grand David, Spectacular Magic Company. According to
Guinness World Records, this is the longest consecutively running stage magic show in the world. I chose Cesaro because of his
open, friendly personality. He mentored not only the Cast of Le Grand David but also young magicians from around the
world...including me. Among other innovations Compeer Pelaez also helped establish the S.A.M. Life Member Program.
Please take advantage of what your membership has to offer
• Attend Assembly meetings to share and network with other magicians
• Read M-U-M magazine for news, features, tricks and reviews
• Join SAM talk, Like Us on Facebook, and Follow Us on Twitter
• Visit ww w .m agicsam .com for news, information, blogs, and magic
• Attend our National Convention, learn magic, and network with magicians
Then, tell all your friends!
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
2013- 2014 Membership Card

The S.A.M. Match
This magic effect is based on Larry Becker's classic Will The Cards Match from the award winning book Stunners Plus first
published in 1992.
You will need 12 playing cards; six with red backs and six with blue backs. The faces need to match each set of six cards. For
example, Red Back (RB) Ace of Spades and Blue Back (BB) Ace of Spades, RB 2 of Spades and BB 2 of Spades, RB 3 of Spades
and BB 3 of Spades, and so on. Begin with the two packets of cards in matching order. Now, take one packet of cards and
reverse the order. You will also need your S.A.M. Membership Card with the 5 word message: Great Magicians Are In SAM
You need two volunteer assistants and you are ready to perform this miracle.
Hand the RB set face down to volunteer (A) and the BB set face down to volunteer (B) (or you can ( 0
hold one set while a single volunteer holds the other). You should now have two volunteers each
holding 6 face-down cards. Show the audience your membership card with the message Great
Magicians are in SAM. You instruct audience members to tell volunteers (A) and (B) to move one
card from the top of the packet to the bottom as you spell the words Great Magicians Are In SAM.
You will spell each word of this message one letter at a time. As audience members request, either
volunteer (A) or (B) will move a card from the top of their packet to the bottom, based on the letters
of each word. For example, the first word is G — R — E —A —T and as each letter is spelled, the chosen volunteer moves one
card from the top of their packet to the bottom. After finishing the spelling the first word, the top card in each packet will
match, but the next ones do not, nor do the bottom cards in the packet. Discard the 2 matching cards. The effect is repeated
until all the words are spelled. Remember to discard the matching cards before spelling the next word. Each time the top
cards match, the others do not. All will be amazed. (Note: SAM is spelled as one word)