Bryan-Keith Taylor Membership Card For The S.A.M.
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Bryan-Keith Taylor Membership Card For The S.A.M. 2014- 2015

Thank you for your membership renewal and continued support. As a member of The Society of American Magicians, you have access to many benefits and resources that can aid your personal growth and service in promoting and preserving the art of magic.

Attached is your new membership card (also referred to as a Talisman). Please sign the back with a permanent marker to reaffirm your pledge to the S.A.M. Also, on the back of your card is the phrase: S. A. M. is where the real magic lives. This phrase will assist you in performing the President's Magic Effect. To learn the effect, view the video instruction through the S.A.M. Video Instruction Program (VIP) available in the Members Only section of our website at:

Each year the membership card honors a person of historical significance to the S.A.M. This year's honoree is Fetaque Sanders (pronounced 'Fee-take'). Sanders began his professional career in 1933 in Chicago and performed at the World's Fair. In 1943, he performed on Broadway in New York City for a gala event directed by Orson Welles. And, most notably, during World War II, Sanders toured with the USO, performing for African American troops in the then-segregated US Armed Forces. After the war, he continued to perform his magic act until 1962. Fetaque Sanders died in 1992 and was elected into the Society American Magicians Magic Hall of Fame in 1994.

Because of the racial barriers back in the early 1900s, Sanders could not join clubs or gain the recognition he deserved because of his skin color. He was one of the greatest magicians of his time and it is his time to shine.

Magically yours,
Kenrick Ice McDonald
S.A.M. National President, 2014-2015
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