Bryan-Keith Taylor Membership Card For The S.A.M.
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Bryan-Keith Taylor Membership Card For The S.A.M. 2015- 2016

Thank you for your membership renewal and continued support. As a member of The Society of American Magicians, you have access to many benefits and resources that can aid your personal growth and service in promoting and preserving the art of magic.
Attached is your new membership card (also referred to as a Talisman). Please sign the back with a permanent marker to reaffirm your pledge to The S.A.M. Each year the membership card honors a person of historical significance to The S.A.M. This year's honoree is Father Cyprian Murray. "Cyp", as he was affectionately called, was a catholic priest, a friar; an author, magic scholar, magician, and well known magic inventor. He served as National President of The Society of American Magicians from 1989 to 1990. One of his greatest contributions to The Society came when he served as Contest Chair at S.A.M. National Conventions. Working with Paul Critelli, he developed a model for judging contests which has been adopted as a standard by many other magic organizations. Over his life time he served as a teacher, mentor, and friend to numerous young magicians, who went on to become famous in their own right. The S.A.M. stage magic competition bears his name. Father Cyprian truly exemplifies our motto "Magic, Unity, Might". He passed away in April of 2015 and will be sadly missed by the magic community.
Also with this new membership card, you will notice Father Cyprian selecting the Ace of Hearts. An explanation of how you can use this is on the back of this card. By using your membership card, you can show your pride in the S.A.M. and generate interest in the oldest magic organization in the world.

Yours in Magic,
David W. Bowers
S.A.M. National President 2015-2016
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Presidential Magic Prediction - "The Ace of Hearts"
Your S.A.M. membership card includes a clever feature that can help you with a prediction effect. The back of your membership card includes the S.A.M. Pledge and a photo honoring Fr. Cyprian Murray. Notice in the photo Fr. Cyprian is holding the four aces and that he has chosen the Ace of Hearts. Also notice along the right side of the card the phrase: You picked the Ace of Hearts
To perform, you will need your S.A.M. membership card and a deck of playing cards. Explain to your audience that you are a card-carrying magician and show your S.A.M. membership card and set it on the table.
Display the deck and ask a spectator to pick a card. Actually, you secretly force the Ace of Hearts using your favorite method. Once the spectator selects a card have them show it to everyone. (It is the forced Ace of Hearts)
Now, ask a spectator to take your membership card and refer to the photo of Fr. Cyprian Murray and explain that he was a Past National President of the Society of American Magicians and that he was revered by magicians around the world. Have the spectator look at the photo closely and notice that Fr. Cyprian has chosen the Ace of Hearts and he has a message for you on the side of the card. It says: You picked the Ace of Hearts.