Bryan-Keith Taylor Membership Card For The S.A.M.
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Bryan-Keith Taylor Membership Card For The S.A.M.


Mark Weidhass
National President 2010-2011
15225 Pleasant View Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
(719) 637-9965

Fellow Compeer:

I am pleased to acknowledge receipt of your S.A.M. dues for the coming year. Attached is your new durable plastic membership card, also known as the Talisman per S.A.M. Ritual. You should sign your card, reaffirming your pledge, with a permanent ink pen or sharpie on the reverse side and carry it with you at all times.

With this new card design each year, you will also notice a different image of a past S.A.M. leader on the reverse. This first year of the new design, I am pleased to introduce you to Harry Houdini, the 11th President of the S.A.M. Few publicity photos show Houdini smiling, but he has a impish grin in this photo. He is pointing at you as if to say, "I want you for the S.A.M.," perhaps a mock pose of the famous 1917 Uncle SAM poster. The S.A.M. Veteran program is born: Houdini tried to enlist in the army when America entered the First World War in 1917. At 43 years old, he was rejected. Unable to fight, he instead performed free shows for service men. Houdini also organized shows in support of Liberty Bonds to help finance the war. In this photo, I think he is saying "You Have a Friend in the S.A.M."

Also with this new membership card, you will notice a 4 of spades red-colored pip on the back. You can use this as an out, devise your own trick, or use the trick I describe below. By using your membership card, you can show your pride in the S.A.M. and generate interest in the oldest magic organization in the world. Each year, you will receive a new magic trick with your new membership card. Watch for a YouTube video link of the trick on the S.A.M. website,

Your card indicates the month in which your membership expires. Be sure your dues are paid before the month next year so you don't miss the next card.

I thank you for your support of the S.A.M.

You Have a Friend in the S.A.M.,

Mark Weidhaas,
National President 2010-2011
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Harry Houdini is Never Wrong
By Mark Weidhaas

For this routine, you will force the 4 of spades. I suggest using the criss-cross force. With a red-back deck of cards, bring the four of spades to the top. Casually hand the face up SAM membership card to your spectator and ask them to insert it anywhere in the middle of the deck. Remove the top half of the deck and lay it on the table. Remove the membership card and place the bottom half of the deck on top of the tabled half of the deck, at a 90 degree angle.

For the criss-cross force to properly work, timed delay is required. The membership card gives you that opportunity. Show the spectator the face of your membership card and tell them how proud you are to be a member of the oldest and most prestigious magic organization in the world. Mention there have been over 45,000 members, and many of them are well known, including David Copperfield, Lance Burton, Howard Thurston, Harry Kellar and the most famous of all, Harry Houdini.

Turn the card over to show the back. Keep the pad of your thumb over the bottom center of the back of the card, so the 4S pip is hidden as you show the back. Mention the oath all members must take, and comment on Houdini's photo. Mention it appears that he is pointing, as if to say "Do you want to see some magic?"

Tell them that if they were to spell out the name of their card while counting on the letters of his name, a code would be seen that would divine the chosen card. "As you stop after each word of your card, a hint would appear. For example, if you stop on the letter D" (point to the D in Houdini) "it would mean it was a diamond suit. If you stopped on an N (point to it in Houdini) it would mean Nine. Let's try it."

Pick up the top half of the deck on the table and have them look at "their chosen card" on top of the bottom half of the table (actually this is the original top card of the deck, the 4S). Tell them to spell the card to themselves, counting one letter of Houdini's name for each letter of the card, and to stop after each word of the card. The will count F*O*U*R and stop on the 2nd "R" in Harry. Say, "ah-hah. You must have a Red card!" When they say they don't, mention that they do, it is a red card on the back. Harry Houdini is never wrong. They continue counting 0 * F and stop on the "H" of Houdini. Say, "Ah-hah, it must be a heart...." Pause, realizing a heart is a red card. "It must be a High card!" When they say no, mention it is higher in elevation than the rest of the deck. Harry Houdini is never wrong. They finish counting S*P*A*D*E*S and end on the last "i" in the name. Say, "Ah-hah, the i means... i...i...I don't know what the i means. But fortunately, Harry never gave up. He always had an out that he used right under his name. You see he was President of the S.A.M., a magicians "club" — Your card must be a club!" When they say no, continue "He served as President for 9 years until his untimely death - Your card must be a 9? No? Well many think he was the first President, but actually he was the 11th. 11 would mean your card is a Jack! No! Well fortunately, Harry Houdini is never wrong. Your card IS right under his name." Move your thumb for the first time and show the 4 of spades. Harry Houdini is never wrong.