The Complete Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers
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Rogers, Mike: The Complete Mike Rogers
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Hardcover, 250 pages

Comments (Magicref): A Collection of the Original Material of Mike Rogers plus various contributions from magical friends. Includes Line Drawings and B&W Photos. This is an excellent book of close-up magic from Mike Rogers. It includes cards, coins, sponge rabbits and lots more. Highly recommended.


5 The Fan Turnover and Reverse (Jul 65 MUM): Card is selected and returned. The deck is fanned, performer reverses one card. Pack is ribbon spread to show one card face down. Spectator can't find their card among the face up cards, it is the one face down. The performer's card is found in his pocket.
7 The Mike Roger's Handling of the Vanishing Candle (Dec 72 MUM)
17 Mixer Supreme or Oil and Water Again (Mar 65 MUM): 8 red and 8 black cards are fairly ruffle shuffled, yet still separate.
21 A Word About My Letter to Duke Stern (Linking Ring 73) A Tribute to Duke Stern
23 Eddie Fields Handling of the Card Prediction (MUM 67): A business card and an envelope are both signed. A prediction is written on the card, and it is sealed in the envelope. The envelope is pushed into the deck, right next to the predicted selection.
23 Another From Eddie Fields' Notebook (MUM 67): A unique magic square
25 Trost and Us, or Weighing the Cards (Genii Oct 71): Magician can weigh two card packets and determine how many in the spectator's packet (key card)
27 Quick Six and Gone: Six half dollars are placed in the left hand and vanished. Uses the Walt Rollin's six coin gimmick
30 Cap and Pence Routine (Kaballa #8): Uses solid gimmick, extra quarter, paper dollar, and a borrowed, marked quarter.
34 Okito Visits Han Ping Chien: Uses two half dollars, 2 English Pennies, one nut and bolt set (from a hardware store), and an Okito box.
36 Ringo-Rollins Rogers (Oct 71 Genii): 2 rings are placed on a ribbon, one is removed. Roger's uses a key ring type ring and a finger ring.
40 Rubber Foot Print Stamp and Ashes on Business Card: two quick ideas
41 Multithimble Vanish at the Table (Mar 65 MUM): Four red and four black thimbles vanish
42 A Baffling Case: a chosen card vanishes from card case wrapped in newspaper and appears wrapped in other paper
45 My Version of the Photographic Card: Uses flap card box
47 Pouring a Ring On (MUM): Ring is placed in a cup, a ribbon is lowered into the cup. The ribbon is "poured" out, with the ring attached! The ring is now held, and the ribbon is pulled off (good!)
57 Creature Feature: Card revelation through use of a wind-up toy
59 Devil Location: Another revelation using a rubber toy
62 Illusive Monte: Simple and Fast 3 Card Monte using no sleights. Uses blank backed cards
69 Mike Rogers Sponge Rabbits: nice routine
79 Bill Miesel's Think Again (MUM 66): An Ace is thought of, when removed from envelope, the thought of Ace is found to be the only one face up.
81 Some Rapid Ramblin' Rogers Magical Observation: essay of tips
83 Jay Vincent's Routine with the Welse Production Wand (Apr 73 MUM)
83 Lyda's Utility Two Card Plunger (Jul 68 MUM): move to glimpse single card
84 Everett Lyda's Perfect 15 Force (Jun 68 MUM): A force of the number 15 along with a simple book test.
85 Easy Turnover for Okito Coin Box
87 Poor Man's Locked Key by Ed Marlo (Aug 67 MUM): How to gimmick the cheap SS Adams Linking Ring set for close up performance
89 The Marlo Rings Arrangement (Ed Marlo): A routine using the above ring set
93 The Examined Linking: more on the above
94 Ed Marlo's Unlimited Count: universal false card count
98 A Routine with Four Jacks (Aug 71 Pallbearer's Review): A called Jack vanishes and appears in a card case
99 Pouring Coins Through the Table: as in Bobo's Modern Coin Magic
102 Mel Brown's Favorite Card Trick for Laymen: Selected card is returned to the deck and all placed in the card case. The spectator holds the case, and the magician grabs the case away, leaving the spectator holding his card.
110 No Gimmick Card Castle (MUM 65): A card castle is created on the table. When flipped up, the selected card appears at the top (requires practice!)
123 The Mike Rogers' Handling of Allerton's "Name Your Number": A Card is selected and returned. Cards are dealt in a row, spectator selects one. The indicator card is used to deal the rest of the deck, and the spectator's card is found. Uses Marlo's prayer cull, and imperfect Faro
124 Whistle Slide-No Slide: A unique visual "Cut to the Aces" type effect
129 The Mike Rogers' Handling of "Future Minus": Blue deck and a cardboard "cover" are shown. Red backed card is placed under the cover on the table. Spectator selects card from face up Blue deck, signs it, and it is placed under the cover as well. The cover is lifted to find only the red card, signed by the spectator!
130 Cross Town Collectors: Three cards are selected from the face up deck and tabled. Four Kings are tabled face up. Selections are mixed back in the deck, but end up between the Kings. With a Roy Walton variation.
135 Pencil A Coin (Ed Marlo): Vanish move with a wand (seated)
139 Zaney Card Gimmick (Mike Rogers/Jon Racherbaumer): Gimmick explained
139 Effect No. 1: Selected card ends up face up on top of the deck
140 Effect No. 2: As above, but under a coin
141 Effect No. 3: Signed Card vanished from pack
141 Effect No. 4: Card through the table top
141 The Universal Card a la Ascanio: gimmicked cards
145 Notes on the Ascanio Spread
148 Improved Routine for the Lippincott Coin Box
150 Still Avid: Ambitious Card routine
152 RWTS Two Card Transposition: requires perfect pass
155 Mell Brown's Subtle-Key: subtle key card method
156 How to Show a Weekly Profit: comedy stunt using row and cards "miscount"
158 The Mike Rogers' Handling of the Kato Penetrating Aces: Elevator Aces
159 Penetrating Aces - Second Handling
161 An Ambitious Card Move: a double back force used to start an ambitious card routine
162 Twisting the Aces with the Ascanio Spread: lots of photos
176 Mike Rogers Joins the Collectors of "The Collector": Adaptation of Roy Walton's Finders Keepers
180 Would You Believe: another version
181 Stay In Order or Fun With the Pass: Ace Two Three inserted in different parts of the deck in a non-numerical order, but when spread, are found in numerical order
184 A Tribute to Fulves: J, Q, K's all placed in order in a packet. JH, QS, KS are removed, others are Faro shuffled repeatedly and placed in three piles. the JH, QS, and KS are dealt to the piles, and each pile is found to contain only Jacks, Queens, or all Kings.
190 The Sea Shell Game: Cups and Balls routine using sea shell, large plastic peas, and 3 coins for the climax.
194 Simplex Card in Wallet: Any book style wallet (Mike uses a checkbook). Uses two spectator's, one signed card and one not signed, and patter about one spectator not being trustworthy. Requires top change, palm.
198 Business Card Brain Wave: Any card is named, and a packet of Business Cards is removed from the pocket. One card is taken from the pack and rubbed with ashes. The named card appears written on the business card.
201 Trost and Us: Weighing the cards again. An almost identical explanation of the effect explained earlier.
204 Elusive Sphere (Jul 72 Pallbearer's Review): Ball covered with silk repeatedly vanishes and appears. Four phase routine uses only one ball.
216 A to Z Discussion of Magic: Some humorous, some serious. Covers terms such as Academy of Magical Arts, Booze, Mel Brown, Color Changing Knife, all the way to Zombie.
227 These Con Game Stories: Introduction to Mike's column in MUM that discussed con games.
227 Table Time: essay on the 3 card Monte as found in Erdnase, Vernon, and Jay Ose's in Pallbearer's Review. Also the Three Shell Game in Scarne's Complete Guide to Gambling. Some discussion of actual street experiences with these games being hard to find in the U.S.
229 Table Time (May 70 MUM): more discussion on the scarcity of real Monte games. The story of a real experience in Italy. A game of "Endless Chain", or "Chain of Chance" in Morocco, and more stories by Bev Bergeron and others on various cons.
241 Short Bio of Mike Rogers by Bob Snodell
243 About the Author: longer biography of Mike Rogers by Frances Marshall
249 Index
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