Vintage Letter Head from Boxley & Marie
4f Magicians & Magic Shop Letter Head
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Ephemera, Memorbilia
Memorbilia, Ephemera 
Boxley & Marie Letterhead-presenting MAGIC AND MYSTERY-ca 1950s/60s-Unused

Letterhead on yellow paper, in red and black inks. Their images on the top. Genii's lamp on bottom left, has smoke coming up to the top with photos and comment.

DATE: Circa 1950s/60s
SIZE: 8 by 10 inches.
COND: All in otherwise very Fine, almost Mint condition.
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Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Near Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
From Magicpedia, courtesy of Genii Magazine:
Marie Boxley (1913-1992) was half of the magic team, "Boxley & Marie".

Her ex-husband, Cas Boxley, became a professional magician in 1938 and toured until 1942. They met after his military discharge and she was responsible for his decision to return to professional performing.

They toured together over thirty-nine states for over a period of seven years.