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Bookplate-Magician Eugene Bernstein-Man by lamp post gazes at stars-vFINE

FRONT: Image probably taken from a woodcut, or etching ... a black minimalist drawing of a man standing by a lamp post. His arms are crossed, he gazes upwards at stars.

BACK: Blank. Never used.

DATE: Circa 1950s-60s ???

SIZE: 3 1/8 by 5 3/8 inches.

COND: All in otherwise very Fine, almost Mint condition.
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Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
From Magicpedia, courtesy of Genii Magazine:

Eugene Bernstein (1896 - 1972) was a prominent Chicago attorney that specialized in hypnosis, and magic "that bordered on the weird and occult". As a cub reporter for the Chicago Record Herald, Bernstein became interested in magic while covering an assignment exposing mediums and their methods. Bernstein was National President of both the Society of American Magicians (1939-40) and IBM (1942-43). He also served as legal adviser for many years to both magic organizations and the Magic Dealers. Gene lectured on abnormal psychology and made appearances on radio, and TV. He was under contract to United Artists in connection with promotional work in its picture "Black Magic." Bernstein acquired all the apparatus of Joseffy including the famous talking Skull of Balsamo and contributed the effect "The Spirit Grip" to Greater Magic