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Bookplate for Magician Gene Shelley. Image is center is of a Skeleton attacking a Magician. A medieval scene, with Magician's table knocked over, with cups, cards,coins, etc. flying all over. Text above is, "THE LIBRARY OF", with text below, "----GENE SHELLEY---".

DATE: Unknown

SIZE: 3 1/8 by 4 1/8 inches.

COND: All in otherwise very Fine, almost Mint condition.
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
From Magicpedia, courtesy of Genii Magazine:

The Cardiste: "Dedicated to the Art of Cardistry" was a Magic Periodical for card magicians by Rusduck that ran from February 1957 until August 1958 for a total of 11 issues. Contributors included Alex Elmsley, Bill Miesel, Marlo, Milt Kort and Max Katz. The 12th issue was published posthumously and a 13th issue was later published by Gene Shelley. Before Rusduck passed away he made up one copy of issue No. 12 which was eventually sent to Milt Kort. Kort passed it to P. Howard Lyons to publish within Ibidem #20, May 1960.

CHAOS was the official Magic Periodical of I.B.M. Ring 40 known as the "Drinking Ring" of Winnipeg, Canada, in association with The Rounders Of The Night Table.The magazine began publishing in the 1960s and was known for being a bit raunchy. Sid Lorraine in the New Tops February 1971 issue gave his review: "Just saw my first couple copies of CHAOS, the official journal of Winnipeg’s Ring 40 Magic Club...known as The Drinking Ring. This bunch of western souserers, from all reports, whoop it up plenty at their meetings and a lot of good magic is washed down with suds. Their magazine is the zaniest I’ve seen and among the wild nutty notes one can actually find a lot of good magic. It is refreshing to find a group that do not take themselves too seriously, but have fun. Unfortunately, you can’t subscribe to this publication, it is for club members only." Later, in the 1970s, subscriptions were made available to non-members. Supplements (card, stickers and advertising) were often included. The last issue was #36 (August 1975 thru March 1976).

Gene Shelley Obituary:

GENE SHELLEY 1929 - 2007- After a brief stay Eugene Arthur Shelley passed away at Victoria Hospital in the early evening of Wednesday, September 26, 2007. Gene was born in Saskatoon to William Shallip and Helen Kotelko on November 22, 1929. His family moved to Winnipeg where his father died when Gene was 16. For many years Gene and his Mother operated the Hop Inn on Main Street. He continued to be the apple of his mother's eye until her death in 1993. From an early age Gene was fascinated by magic, and joined Ring 40 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. In 1957 Gene and Verna honeymooned in Saskatoon during a Magician's Convention. One of his achievements during this time was the publication of CHAOS, a ribald Magic Magazine which he produced with his friends Dave Strong and Fred Nicks. Another life-long interest was Show Business. From a teenaged traveler with Royal American Shows Carnival, producer of Jazz Concerts with Jack Shapira, advance man for Christiani Brothers Circus, to Company Manager for Nicholas Kouvdriavstev's Goss Concerts. He eventually formed his own company, International Concerts and Artists, through which he presented performers from Eastern Europe and Africa. He booked the first performance to be held at the Concert Hall, where he was delighted to have picketing protesters assure him of full house. For many years Gene would spend nine months fundraising for local sports groups and three months wintering in Mexico where he indulged his taste for spicy foods. Gene had a life-long interest in travel, and enjoyed nothing more than exercising his driving skills in different countries with different customs. A speeding ticket in East Germany, a friendly debate with a Border Guard at Checkpoint Charlie, accidentally joining a Motorcade with President Dias-Ordaz of Mexico, giving a lift to a machine gun carrying soldier in El Salvador. These were all joyous experiences for him. His ability to fit in anywhere allowed him to delight equally in attending a dinner for Mme, Jehane Sadat in Egypt to playing street games in the back alleys of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. When gaming became legal in Manitoba Gene managed the first Casino at the Red River Exhibition. This led to forming a Casino Management Company which operated casinos in Manitoba from 1972 to 1983. After retiring, Gene continued to travel whenever he could. He particularly enjoyed his visits to India and Brazil. A final achievement which gave him great pride was attaining five years of sobriety, thanks to his many friends in AA. Gene leaves to mourn his wife Verna; close friends, Harvey White Arizona), Peter Reveen (Las Vegas), Terry Greenwood, Dave Strong, Roger Sidhu and family, all of Winnipeg. Cremation has taken place, memorial services to be announced. Wiebe Funeral Home Ltd. Altona, Manitoba

As published in the Winnipeg Free Press on September 30, 2007