Complete Guide To Card Conjuring
Adair, Ian
A.S. Barnes and Co. Inc. (1980)
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Card tricks
Hardcover 0-498022-382
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Adair, Ian: The Complete Guide To Card Conjuring
©1980 Tantivy Press; A.S. Barnes and Co., Inc.
Illustrated by Ian Adair; Photos by A. C. Littlejohns
ISBN: 0-498022-382
Hardcover, 108 pages

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13 Conjuring with Cards
17 Card Techniques
18 Shuffling - riffle, haphazard, cutting the pack, mixed-up cut
20 Manipulating Cards - back palming, card production, fans, palming,
44 False Shuffling - overhand, dovetail riffle
50 Forcing Cards
56 Specially-Prepared Packs
59 Marked Cards
68 Entertaining Card Tricks
68 Snap Hat
69 Seeing Double
70 One the Spot
72 The Fifth Position
72 Selected Number
73 Separating Reds from Blacks
74 Cutting a Lady in Half
78 A Card on a Dagger
79 Secret Reflections
80 Sharp Practice
82 Spelling Joker
82 The Famous Four-Ace Trick
85 A Novel Card Box
88 Follow That Card
89 Odd or Even?
89 Computer Card Trick
90 The Card in the Case
92 A Quick Change
92 The Crooked Gambler
94 ESP Card Tricks
94 Hidden Vision
95 Lights Out
96 Thought Transference
97 Criss-Cross Premonition
98 Three from Fifty-Two
98 Winning Ace
100 Devil Divination
102 Double Coincidence
103 Glossary
106 Suggested Readings
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Adair, Ian
( 1943 - )
British-born magician, author and specialist in dove magic. General Manager of Supreme Magic until its closing several years ago. Inventor of over 3,000 effects; author of more than 150 magic books, including the Encyclopedia of Dove Magic.


Ian Adair's Real Name
Ian H. Adair


Magician, Author, Inventor

Place of Birth
Kilmarnock, Scotland




Adair possesses the ability of dove manipulation. A specialist in dove magic, Adair is well known for his book entitled "Encyclopedia of Dove Magic." He is also a genius in the conception and creation of over 3,000 magical effects.

Interesting Fact
Adair won first prize in the famous "Carol Levis' Discoveries" TV show and had as an assistant Joan Collins, a starlet in those days. During the 1950s Ian appeared on more than 100 television shows.


Ian Adair was born in Scotland on December 20, 1943. He moved to Bideford, England as a boy. Adair became fascinated with magic at the young age of five when he received a magic set from his grandmother on his birthday. Ian soon found himself immersed in library books, devouring, and digesting everything he could on the art of magic.

One of his treasured literary discoveries was a book entitled "The Boy's Book of Conjuring," which provided an exhaustive amount of insight into this fascinating art.

What started out as a hobby began to evolve into something more. By the time he was eight, he was performing shows in front of audiences, and at the 12 he first appeared on television.

At age 15, Adair left school to pursue his career in magic.

As a young man, he was greatly influenced by magician Channing Pollock. It was one performance of Channing's that greatly ignited Adaire's passion for magic.

Though he was at the bottom of his class throughout his school life for English, Adaire has taught himself to write, and ended up writing 265 books on magic, including the respected "Encyclopedia of Dove Magic."

Aside from books, he has written thousands of magazine articles for a multitude of magazines, such as "Magic Wand," "Linking Ring," "Genii" and "MUM." to name a few.

In his late twenty's, Adair teamed up with Edwin Hooper of the Supreme Magic Company in Bideford, of which he subsequently became a partner. Ian was associated with the company for over thirty five years.

Supreme Magic Company became the largest magic supplier in the world, providing magic products to famous magicians, such as David Copperfield , Paul Daniels and David Nixon.

While working for "Supreme Magic," Adaire has become a member of the exclusive "Inner Circle" with "Gold Star Award" and has worked as a professional magician. He has also the inventor of over 3,000 magic effects.

Today, Adaire resides in North Devon, England and is enjoying his retirement with his wife Ela. He still writes several trick articles for various magazines, and is actively involved in performing shows all over the world.


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Ian Adair

Born: Ian Hugh Adair; December 20, 1940; Kilmarnock, Scotland


Books by Ian Adair
Ian Adair (b. 1940) writes a regular column in MAGIGRAM and is the author of numerous books on magic for the general public.

Adair's Ideas (1959)
Magic with Doves (1960)
Encyclopedia of Dove Magic, Vol. 1 (1968)
Television Puppet Magic (1969]
Encyclopedia of Dove Magic, Vol. 2 (1971)
Encyclopedia of Dove Magic, Vol. 3 (1973)

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