Book List

23 Deceptions With A Changing Bag

23 Deceptions With A Changing Bag

23 Deceptions With A Changing Bag

International Brotherhood Of Magicians 2007 Membership Directory

Magic Collector's Program Book

Say Yes To Magic

Cocktail Card Magic

A Lifetime in Magic

Abbott's Magic For Magicians

Tricks With Magnets

Mixed Bag of Magic Tricks

The Life and Times Of A Legend Annemann

Complete Guide To Card Conjuring

Conjuring as a Craft

Magic Tricks

Mouse Animation

Novel Notions


Don Alan's Rubber Circus

Reel Magic

Mainly Manipulative Magic

Super-Sensitive Fingertips

Roughingly Yours

The Life and Mysteries of The Celebrated Dr. Q

The Magic Show Book

Conjuring Periodical Bibliography

Jean Hugard

Sleight of Mouth

Sleight Of Tongue

Sleight Of Tongue In Cheek

Magic Live 2001

Magic Live 2004


The Complete Cups and Balls

The Magic of Michael Ammar

The Magical Arts Journal

Michael Ammar Magic

Michael Ammar's Third National Tour Notes

The Topit Book

The Topit Book 2.0

The Topit Book 2.0 Deluxe Collector's Edition

The Topit Book 2.0 E-Book Version

The Topit Pattern

Gene Anderson's Newspaper Trick

Gene Anderson's Newspaper Trick

Gene Anderson's Si Stebbins Card Routine

Newspaper Magic

Topper's Mad, Mad, Magic

Magic Digest

My Favorite Sucker Card Tricks

Harry Anderson's Tipping The Hat T.A.O.M. Edition Book

Rising Card Book

The Miser's Miracle

202 Methods of Forcing

The Book Without A Name

Annemann's Card Magic

Anneman's Complete One Man Mental and Psychic Routine




The Jinx 1-50

The Jinx 1-50

The Jinx 51-100

The Jinx 101-151

Anneman's Mental Bargain Effects

Annemann's Practical Mental Effects

Annemann's Practical Mental Effects

Annemann's Practical Mental Magic

After Dinner Tricks and Puzzles

The Art Of Modern Conjuring

The Boy's Book Of Conjuring

The Boy's Own Conjuring Book

Magic, Pretended Miracles, and Remarkable Natural Phenomena.

The Secret Out

Stage Illusions and Entertainments


1001 Home Amusements

1001 Home Amusements

Magician's Own Book


The Art of Illusion

Genie Presentations

Catching a Marked Bullet in the Teeth (Frank Sinclair)

Knowing The Chop Cup

Knowing the Egg Bag

The Endless Chain

Indian Cups & Balls ( P.K. Ilango)

Knowing the Rising Cards

Knowing The Ropes

Oriental Conjuring and Magic

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