Knowing the Egg Bag - Supreme "Know-How" Series
Ayling, Will
Supreme Magic Co (1988)
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Ayling, Will: Knowing the Egg Bag
Supreme "Know-How" Series
©1988 The Supreme Magic Co. Ltd
34 pages, 8.5x11" softbound

Comment: Will Ayling's collection of routines and ideas for the Egg Bag. Very good book on the Egg Bag with history, routines, and moves. Includes some B&W photos and line drawings. Recommended.


4 Introduction
5 The Hen & Egg Bag: a description of an egg bag trick from the 1700's with Old plates (photos) from the 1727 "Hocus Pocus or the Whole Art of Legerdemain" by H. Dean
7 The Egg Bag: a discussion on the egg bag with references, methods of construction, and how to make one
9 The Story and In Performance: A routine utilizing a Malini Style bag, blown egg, and two special handkerchiefs. Climaxes in production of a glass of liquid with ideas for other potential endings
18 Malini and His Egg Bag Routine: a description of the bag with a routine explained
21 Ken Brooke's Egg Bag Routine: Utilizes a zippered Egg Bag.
24 The Illusive Egg in a Hat Bag: A routine for the Fez Hat Egg Bag (like Nielsen Magic's Abdul's Fez)
30 The Bamberg Egg Bag: references Tarbell Vol 5; climaxes in the production of a live bird!
32 The Dante Egg Bag Presentation: A stage presentation using a unique netted bottom bag, a megaphone, and more.
34 Will Goldston's New Egg Production Bag: a brief description and drawing of an egg bag to produce 5 or so eggs
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Will Ayling

William Richard Ayling
March 2, 1914
Portsmouth, England

May 23, 1992 (age 78)

Will Ayling (1914-1992), illusionist, close-up performer, and collector of antique magical apparatus was a past President of the Portsmouth Magical Society and of The British Ring.


Ayling assisted Lewis Ganson with his Teach-In Series, often appearing in the photographs which accompanied the text. He followed the series with his own "Know How" series of books dealing with individual effects or routines. [1][2]

The Art of Illusion (1968)
Genie Presentations (1972)
Oriental Conjuring (1981)
Knowing the Ropes (1987)
Knowing the Egg Bagg (1988)
Knowing the Chop Cup (1989)
Knowing the Rising Cards (1991)

1.↑ Cover The Gen July 1968
2.↑ Cover Linking Ring November 1982