Magic Digest - Fun magic for everyone
Anderson, George B.
Follet (1972)
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Magic tricks
Hardcover 0695803395
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Anderson, George B.: Magic Digest-Fun magic for everyone
©1972 Follet. First Edition 1972.
Hard-bound, 288 pages, 8.5x11"

Contents: There are many "sidebars" that include short stories, tricks, and anecdotes; these are designated as "Sidebar:" in the listing below

7 You Can Do Great Magic Tricks: a magic book for everybody
12 The Ground Rules of Magic: 11 rules of magic: decide on a style, personal appearance, don't perform until ready, routining, etc.

18 Anytime, Anywhere:
18 The Impossible Knot: knot magic with a 24" silk
20 The Instant One Hand Knot: with a silk
22 The Snap Knot: knot formed with a snap of the wrist
23 The Phantom Knot: a dissolving knot
24 Silk Through the Body: knot tied around wrist penetrates the wrist
26 Take Your Choice: spectator chooses a bracelet and it penetrates the silk
26 The Blow Knot: a knot is blown on and vanishes
27 Triple Choice: one of three knots instantly removed from a pole
27 Penetration: pen penetrates the silk
27 Instant Off and On: ring on and off a ribbon
28 Pin-a-Ribbon: ring removed from ribbon even though attached with a safety pin
30 Impossible Penetration: magician determines if bracelet comes free or not
30 The Indian Rice Mystery: bowl of rice picked up with only a knife
32 Burned and Restored Borrowed Bill: a bill is burned in an envelope but found restored
34 Dollar Bill in Cigarette: burnt bill is found inside a cigarette
35 Sidebar - Fishing for Money: a selected bill is found with a fishing rod
36 The Great Coat Trick: a rope penetrates a spectator's suit jacket
38 The Priceless Cups: tin cups and crockery cups are tied on a rope. When pulled, the tin cups fall to the ground, the crockery cups remain.
39 The Sponge Balls: a sponge multiplies in the spectator's hand, then appears under a cup in a Benson-bowl type routine
42 The Vanishing Coat Hanger: a coat hanger is wrapped in newspaper and vanishes within
43 Paradise Dice Routine: based on Dr. Zack's dice routine, using the paddle move

45 With Dessert and Coffee
45 The Vanishing Spoon: a spoon vanishes under the premise of being bent
46 Heads or Tails: a salt shaker vanishes under a napkin during a heads & tails coin game
47 The Coin and Glass Illusion: two forks balance on a glass with the help of a coin
48 Silver Through Glass: an excellent impromptu coin through the bottom of the glass
49 Borrowed Ring on Pencil: a ring is placed on a pencil while the spectator holds the ends
51 Sidebar - Quick Trick: number 9 force
51 Woofle Dust and Ice: picking up a piece of ice with a string
51 Knife Penetration: Penetration, but with a knife
51 The Numerology Trick: a numerical stunt where the result is a series of 6's
52 The Magic Square: magician can arrange numbers in a square so each row totals a number selected by the audience

53 At the Card Table
53 Mathematical Aces: four Aces appear on the tops of each of four piles
54 Sidebar - Quick Trick: spectator cuts the cards, and the cut to card indicates the top card, this is repeated several times
54 "Your Choice" Four Aces: 4 Aces appear in one packet
55 Choice Prediction: magician predicts the card selected by the spectator cutting the deck
56 Miraskill (Stewart James): Spectator picks a color, deals cards so that 2 reds go to red, 2 blacks go to black, and mix goes to discard. The result is predicted by the magician, and this is then repeated
56 Mental Card Sandwich: a self working card selection
57 How to Force a Card: several forces described such as the cut force, handkerchief force, etc.
59 Sidebar - A Message from the Flame: a burnt match reveals the selection
60 Super-Speller: spectator spells the name of the selection, and the final card is the selection
61 Safety Check Speller: another variation for a repeat
62 The Torn Deck Miracle: a deck is torn in two, and spectators stop the magician both at the 2 halves of the same card
63 False Shuffles: shuffling so the order of the cards is not disturbed
65 Simplex Poker Deal: magician deals winning hands
66 The Piano Trick: an even packet becomes odd with a bit of misdirection
67 Think Stop: Spectator yells "stop" at selection buried in the deck; with an out in case it doesn't work!
67 Sidebar - Master Location: a clever use of daub
68 Locator Cards I: an introduction to locator cards
68 The Twelve-Card Count: three cards pass from one envelope to another
70 Sidebar - Cutting the Aces: use of a natural break
71 The Golden Miracle: a penny is dropped by the spectator on top of the chosen card
73 You Do As I Do: an easy to do card trick
74 Sidebar - Cardology: stripping out cards to top or bottom of deck
74 You, Card Manipulator: an easy cut to the Aces routine
74 In Your Hat: Finding selected cards in the hat (using a crimp)
75 The Card on the Ceiling: a simplified approach
76 Al Baker's Impossible Card Location: a key card location
76 Sidebar - Cardology: Side Slip
76 Sheer Nerve: Annemann's pass substitute; and a card thru table application
77 Another "Think of a Card": Magician determines selection from the spectator's actions
77 Sidebar - Close Up Honor Roll: 25 nominations for close-up magician Hall of Fame
78 Follow-Up Card in Pocket: Clever follow-up to the Think A Card effect above
78 Countdown: Automatic location quickie
78 Double Reverse: Magician and spectator's selections turn face up in the deck
79 Stabbing a Card: a simplified approach
79 Another Card Stabbing: Pocket knife stabbed thru newspaper finds the selection
79 Restoring a Torn Card: Well done torn and restored card
81 Simulcast: Magician and spectator each deal and turn over selections at the same time
81 Sidebar - Cardology: the double-lift
81 Dublo-Cation: Spectator inserts 2 cards into the deck; Magician turns them face up next to their mates
82 Sidebar - The Jinx: Annemann's critical reviews
82 Want More Card Tricks?: Suggestions for further reading

83 At a Party:
83 The Telephone Card Trick: over the phone card prediction
85 Swindles: Introduction
85 "Gag" Three-Card Monte: Talks about E.O. Drane's backwards cards; the Q of Hearts turns out to be the Queen of Spades
85 The "Glide" Find the Lady: Simple Monte style effect
87 The Australian Belt: Loopy Loop, Chain of Chance - spectator can't pick the side that "catches"
88 The Shell Game: general approach described, no routine
90 Thirty-One (Percy Abbott): Mathematical 'game' with elimination of playing cards (a swindle)
90 A Ring, a Quarter and a Hankie: coin is apparently pulled through a ring while enclosed in a handkerchief (not a folder)
92 After Dinner Mints: Magician makes prediction of how many mints of a designated color will be chosen
92 Find the Body: The criminal is found out (uses a confederate)
93 Sidebar - Beginners: Broken and restored toothpick in handkerchief

94 Ice Breakers: Using magic to sell (includes hole-tite pencil discussion)
95 Sidebar - Making George Turn Over: simple dollar bill stunt
95 Clipped for a Snappy Buck (Bill Bowman): paper clips and rubber band link when a dollar bill is snapped
97 Keep it Brief: Clippo effect (cut and restored strip of paper)
98 Matching Pennies: a mathematical prediction
98 Sympathetic Coins (Karrell Fox): heads up and down coins are dropped one by one into the palm, they all end up one way
99 A Knotty Problem: Self untying knot in a sild (I.T.)
100 Print Your Own (Hugh Hogan): Paddle move with business card
101 The Indestructable Rubber Band: Band cut through an index card, but band is undamaged
101 The Jumping Band: from fingers to fingers
102 The Rubber Pencil: illusion

103 You're a Mindreader: discusses the difference between mentalism and other magic; covers the Q&A act a bit and some "cold reading"
104 The Sex Indicator: Weight on a sting indicates whether over boy or girl
105 Think of a Finger!: magician determines which finger a spectator is thinking of
106 Mental Choice: The '7 pile' is selected
106 One Chance in Ten: Magician predicts which of 10 cards will be chosen
108 The Hoax "Think of a Card": must be performed for a group, as the spectator quickly sees how its done'!
108 Sidebar - Lip Reading: and relation to mentalism
109 Three-Way Prediction: Three way prediction using magician's choice
110 Sidebar - Lightning Addition: clever mathematical trick
110 The Three-Digest Test: quickie mathematical divination
111 Money Talks: Serial number trick using 9 bills (must be sequential)
112 Simple Book Test: Impromptu with any book, and a few variations described
112 Sidebar - ESP Knockout: magician matches spectator's 5 ESP cards with a special rack display
114 Intermediary: 2nd spectator determines the number of a first spectator's selection (with help from magician)
115 Stopping the Pulse: a stunt where you stop your pulse (fun in the nurses office)
116 Message Reading: torn center steal
116 Matchbook Mind Reading: cleverly gimmicked matchbook reveals secret writing
117 The Window Envelope: Magician duplicates a drawing even though it is sealed in an envelope
118 A Clean Revelation: making a "copier" with soap
119 The Sealed Question Answering Act: discussion of various approaches
120 "In the Dark" Mindreading: reading messages in the dark
120 A Messge from Zographos: a clever story reveals a predicted card
121 Newmann's Numbers: mathematical divination
121 Sidebar - Pseudo-Hypnosis: spectator can't open his/her eyes (a physical stunt)
122 Sidebar - A Magic Art: reading a pencil top as it writes
122 Dowsing Rods: a discussion
123 Pseudo-Psychometry: Magician describes people based on objects they have placed in sealed envelopes
124 Sidebar - The Mercedes Act: Joe and his wife's song playing act story
124 Par-Optic Vison: Blindfold driving
125 Sidebar - Silly Quickie: pencil will write any color named
126 Sidebar - Revenge: Charles Maly vs. Dunninger

127 Coin Tricks:
127 The Classic Coin Fold: described with some ideas on using it
129 The No-Sleight Coin Vanish: a vanish
130 The Han Ping Chien Coin Trick: Famous coin tranposition routine
131 The Miser's Dream: for stage/parlor uses a gimmicked coin
133 Sidebar - A Staple Stop: coin penetrates a staple
133 Coins Across: with a coin adder tray
134 Sidebar - Mysto Magic: about Gilbert Magic sets
134 Coin Con: Bottom coin is heads up, and an unkind way to make a tip
135 Mindreading With Coins: Magician determines the date of a dollar bill and some coins
136 Breaking a Bill: quickie dollar to 4 quarters
136 The Bending Coin: uses a switch
137 The Sympathetic Coins: a simplified coin matrix routine
138 Sidebar - A Laugh With A Wand: a wand balances on the edge of a table
139 Truth in Advertising: a note about magic tricks and the way they are advertised
139 Chips Are Money: Make your own Cap and Pence / Stack of Quarters using poker chips
141 Heads or Tails: Magician can tell if a coin is heads up or down
141 Sidebar - Blackstone's Doughnuts: Harry's trick on a waitress

142 The Challenge 100-Foot Rope Escape: fully detailed in this dedicated chapter

145 A Spectacular Illusion: essay about stage illusions
148 The Nest of Boxes: Girl escapes from the nest of boxes
150 The Four Ads: Girl appears between three large panels
151 The Gift of the Magi: Magician and assistant transpose

154 A Close Up Routine:
155 The Silk Routine: introduction
155 Double Knot Vanish: knots disappear
155 World's Fastest Knot: instant knot
156 World's Fastest Bow-Tie: another instant knot
156 Bracelet From Silk: Plastic bracelet removed from silk
157 Silk Through the Arm: penetrates performer's arm
157 The Silk Routine: summary
157 Sidebar - Flash Production: of silks
158 Impromptu Close Up Routine: Introduction
158 The Bill Switch: no TT
159 Bracelet Over Rubber Band: bracelet penetrates rubber band
160 The Bracelet On The String: bracelet on string even though ends are held
161 Threading the Needle: Magician pulls end of rope through a loop without releasing his hand!
161 On Again, Off Again: Bracelet on and then off the string
161 The Paddle Trick: how to make and using a butter knife
163 The Rapping Pencil: answer questins through a "rapping" pencil
164 The Telephone Book Test: using a "36" force
164 Sidebar - Gus Rapp: a magician in a small town
165 Routine With Borrowed Cards: Introduction
165 Magic or Mindreading: selection ends up reversed in the middle of the deck, plus suggestions for using other card effects already described
166 Sidebar - Personal Magnetism: a few "magnetic" illusions
167 Sidebar - Smudge: ashes pass through spectator's hand
167 Card Routine With a Stacked Deck: series of effects starting with a stacked deck, and a few arrangements described (Nikola, Si Stebbins, etc.)
168 Sidebar - A Switch: card vanishes from envelope sealed by the spectator
169 Sidebar - Locator Cards II: double thick card
170 Sidebar - The Great Unknown: Eddie Tullock
171 "Kit" Impromptu Table Routine: starts with Ring & Rope routine; sponge balls
171 Square Knot Cut and Restored Rope: simple and easy with pop-off knot
172 Straight Arrow: arrow on card points every which way
173 Clippo: cut and restored newspaper strip
174 The Afghan Bands: Moebius Strip
174 Mental Telepathy: with a gimicked envelope
175 Sidebar - Fu Manchu: brief bio
176 Kit Routine Summary: with other suggestions
177 Close-Up Mental Routine: Introduction
177 Magnetism: a physical stunt with the hands
178 Living and Dead Test: Center tear
178 Psychic Drawing: envelope
179 Spectator and Slate: Audience predicts number thought of by spectator
180 Sidebar - Simplicity: Annemann's cigarette production
180 The Rapping Cricket: metal cricket in a box raps out answers
181 Matchbook: using the gimmicked matchbook previously described
181 Sidebar - The Pill Boxes: clever rattlebox approach
182 Sidebar - Beyond His Powers: cute story of pulling something out of a hat
182 A Routine for a Children's Show: Introduction
183 Torn and Restored Paper Napkin: after a supposed mistake
184 Sidebar - Silly Quickie: 4-2=6
184 Allah Palooza: Rope through wand
184 Hydrostatic Glass: new patter
185 Bananas: as explained in On-Stage chapter (below)
185 The Educated Snake: spring snake finds the card
186 The Rabbit Tubes: Produce a live rabbit
187 Popping Corn in a Borrowed Hat: and how to make the props
187 Sidebar - A Wild Hare: know your rabbit!

189 You're On Stage: lots of tips, advice, and anecdotes about a stage act
190 Sidebar - Dante: mini bio
191 Sidebar - Let There Be Light: Marvin Roy's lightbulb act
192 Sidebar - Sorcar: and his Mysteries of India tour
193 Club Act Routine: Introduction
193 Rope Stretching: with prepared rope and tip-over box
195 Ropes Around the Neck: ropes penetrate neck
196 Sidebar - Chang: Chinese comedian who speaks boken Spanish (actually he was born in Panama!)
196 Block and Cord: Block with a hole in it penetrates a rope
198 Bananas: old illusion where one curved card appears larger than the other one
198 Sidebar - An Extra Trick: a ventriloquist seance act story
199 Sidebar - From a Borrowed Hat: pulling loads from a borrowed hat
200 Heavy Water: Liquid doesn't spill when glass is inverted
201 The Needle Trick: threaded needles from the mouth (ouch!)
201 Two Great Tricks: a funny story about Blackstone
203 The Card in the Orange: selection is found inside an orange
204 Sidebar - The Hindu Rope Trick: a legend
206 Sidebar - The Ultimate Trick: bringing a dead fly to life
206 Great Performers: essay on many of the greats inlcuding Dante, Blackstone, Thurston, and others
207 Sidebar - Magical Ego: a magician in the courtroom
208 Sidebar - Willard, the Wizard: a tent show magician

210 Where Do We Go From Here?: What to buy, lots of tips, what to read
211 Sidebar - The Bandana Vanish: making a Devil's Napkin
212 Sidebar - The World's Greatest Magician: nomination to Fred Kaps
213 Sidebar - Quantity or Quality: Advice from Dante
214 Sidebar - Cardology: about palming

215 Let's Buy a Trick: What's good for one magician might not be good for you; lots of advice; more expensive does not always mean better; collectors; etc.
216 Sidebar - Floyd Thayer: and his magic apparatus
217 Sidebar - The Thumb Tie: Jay Marshall's is good
218 Sidebar - Laurant: an anecdote
219 Sidebar - A Minor Detail: Karrel Fox and baby chicks on stage, how a mistake turned out good!

220 Catalog: Sample catalog pages from Tannen's and Magic Inc.'s magic catalogs. (through page 259)

261 The Collector: Intro to collecting; chapter includes lots of photos of old Magic Posters along with mini-biographies
263 Robert-Houdin
263 Harry Houdini
265 Okito
267 Alexander Herrmann
267 Harry Kellar
269 Maskelyne's Mysteries
269 Harry Blackstone
269 John Mulholland
270 Howard Thurston
271 The Black Art Exposed: a literary magical curiosity reproduced in its entierty (with caution: don't try all of these, some are extremely dangerious!). Some of these range from regular magic (To Knock a Tumbler Through a Table; To Drive One Tumbler Through Another; To Bring Two Separate Coins into One Hand); some bizarre magic (The Dancing Skeleton; The Head of the Decapitated Speaking; How to Cut Your Arm Off Without Hurt of Danger). Some use dangerous chemicals (like mercury).

287 Acknowledgements:

George B. Anderson's Magic Digest is an excellent book for magicians of any level. Although aimed at the beginner, there are a lot of gems in this book; it is a shame it is no longer in print. This is a book that not many in this video age would likely read, however, as it includes a lot of text. This is not just a book of tricks, but one of advice and includes lots of stories and information about Magic History and performers. I put this book in the same category as the Bruce Elliot books. Highly recommended!
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