Topper's Mad, Mad, Magic
Anderson, Gene
Magic, Inc. (1974)
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Magic tricks
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USA  eng
Anderson, Gene: Topper's Mad, Mad, Magic
©1974 Magic, Inc, Chicago
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 54 pages

Anderson, Gene: Topper's Mad, Mad, Magic
©1974 Magic, Inc, Chicago
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 54 pages

Comment: This book presents a full overview of Topper Martyn's wild comedy magic act, along with lots of other corny groans and gags that may be useful for your magic act. You won't learn a lot of new magic here, but there is plenty of clean comedy to learn.


4 Dedicated
5 Introduction (Gene Anderson): Who is Topper Martyn?
6 Foreword (Topper Martyn): about "The World's Third Worst Magician" act, and the fact that it did not expose!
7 The Mad, Mad Act: Introduction to the Act
7 The Costume: a too large 1900's evening suit with tails and how it is used to hide the props
9 The Conjurer Lays an Egg or How to Drop Things Without Really Trying: objects are dropped through the entire show. Martyn used 200 plastic billiard balls, a cannon ball, wooden eggs, dice, a duck, spring snakes, hundreds of playing cards, and more. Describes how to load and drop the various items
12 Other Properties Required: Such a Chines Linking Rings, Collapsing Table, Lota Vase, Prop Table, Giant Cards, Fake Mike, a Cannon
14 The Stage Setting: some tips
14 Music: tips
14 Lighting: tips
15 The Act: with patter. The dove on your head isn't in the hat, then vanishes, the silks pulled from your hat become tangled and even your shirt appears, the lota vase takes a roll, items drop from the pockets, a take on the rising cards.
20 The Linking Rings: The act moves into the linking rings, presented with both comedy and magic. Uses two keys, two singles, a chain of two, and a "battered" chain of two, among other props.
27 The Climax: the act ends with the selected card to be blasted out of the cannon, but a slight mishap occurs.
29 How to Make People Laugh...Without Really Trying: an essay on comedy
31 Potpourri
31 The Multiplying Bottles: a comedy approach to the Passe-Passe bottles
32 The Egg Bag: a patter approach to the Egg Bag (workings not detailed)
33 Topper's Bag Gag: a comedy tip
33 Alarm Clock Gags: The vanishing alarm clock, ringing alarm clocks, medicine time
34 The Egg Trick: an old gag
34 Playing Card Gags: The Boomerang Card, The Electric Pack, Manipulation Satire
35 Match Gags: Match In the Pocket, The Burning Match
36 The Magic Name Wand: wand flaps open to show your name, and The END
36 The Incredible Four Kings Trick: a gag with four mutilated Kings
36 A Useless Four Ace Trick fo the Card Man: do this at your next card jam session
38 The Great Beer Drinking Feat: use "evaporated milk" type glasses to appear to get drunk
38 The Hat Stand: a running gag with hats falling off a stand
39 Hodge Podge: Spaghetti and Meatballs from a hat, a violin case entrance, the baby elephant, a typewriter gag, the rubber rifle, a dice gag, the mascot, the pistol gag, the carpet, and the wobbly table
41 Topper's Roll-On Table: described
41 Topper's Elastic-Top Table: described
43 Topper's Table to Flowers
44 Underwhelming Anecdotes (Extracted from the letters of Topper Martyn): some amusing stories and B&W photos of Topper
51 Bibliography: a listing of other books on comedy in magic
52 Index
54 To the Reader: a note from Magic, Inc.

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Original Publication Year 1873
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This is the book that has inspired most of the "zany" acts that have wowed them at magic conventions and other shows. Funny, funny stuff-but so easy for you to do, with this excellent instruction.

Topper Martyn is a lifetime magician, known all over Europe and here in the U.S. for his great ideas. In this book, he covers the preparation of your clothing for the act, the wild laugh-provoking dropping of stuff all over the stage, his collapsing table, crazy linking rings that are out of control, the mike cord that gets into the magic, various flashes and noises, the various tricks used in the act, complete patter, music, lights, and presentation. Plus special sections on "How to Make People Laugh," comedy routines for the Multiplying Bottles, Egg Bag, Bag Gag, a number of Alarm Clock stunts, playing card gags, egg tricks, match gags, etc., etc. including a "baby elephant." Another section covers trick tables to make. You will definitely use this material if you are looking for comedy stuff, bright, wild, mad, mad!!
54 large size pages, photos, drawings, spiral bound.