Indian Cups & Balls ( P.K. Ilango) - Supreme "Know-How" Series
Ayling, Will
Supreme Magic Co (1983)
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Ilango P.K.: Indian Cups & Balls (Know-How Series)
©1983, 1st edition, The Supreme Magic Co. Ltd
19 pages 8.5x11" softbound

The Indian Cups and Balls trick is as old as Indian Magic itself. It is angle proof and traditionally performed seated on the ground cross-legged surrounded by spectators.

The cups vary according to class status. The wealthy Indian conjurer uses gleaming brass cups. The middle class conjurer uses cups made up of wood. The poor conjurer uses the cups made up of coconut shells. They make a hole on the top of a coconut half-shell and through it they will stuff rolled cotton clothes to serve as knobs to hold the cups.

Even today Indian conjurers from Kashmir to Cape Comerin are doing this Cups and Balls for their livelihood.

This was part of the Supreme Know-How series.
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