202 Methods of Forcing
Theodore Annemann
Max Holden (1933)
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Annemann, Theodore: 202 Methods of Forcing
©1933 First Edition, Max Holden, NY
Paper, stapled, 35 Pages

Comments: While the majority of these forces are for cards, there are quite a few especially in the latter half of the book that are for book pages or that can be used in mentalism to force specific numbers. Although the numbers only go up to 194, there are several Deck Changes included that bring the number of entries up to 202.

Contents (Note: titles are made up from the description of the forces as the book does not title every article, also, pages are not page numbers)

First Introduction (Theo. Annemann): about 101 methods of forcing
Second Introduction: Update to the new additions
Note By Author: On the difficulty of classifying the methods

1 Unprepared Cards: 1-20
1 The Classical Force
2 Counting Method
3 Card in Glass
4 Magician's Choice: for two
5 Bottom Force
6 Knife Force
7 Prearranged Force
8 Bottom Force Behind the Back
9 Three Cards from the Pocket
10 Chance Forces: following five methods are not 100% perfect
10 - Bridge Force
11 - Think of a Card with a New Deck
12 - Spectator Chooses from Pocket
13 - Visual Riffle Force
14 - Choose one of the 53 Cards
15 The Different Card Force (more of a gag)
16 The Face Up Card
17 The Seven Pile
18 Envelope Force
19 Bottom Slip Force
20 Short Card Force

21 Unprepared Cards: 21-40
21 Top Palm Force
22 Table Tray Force
23 Top Pass Force
24 Bottom Deal Force
25 Invisible Glass Force
26 Another Slip Force
27 Niagara Falls Spring Force
28 Force one of Four
29 Dice Force for One of Eight
30 Die Force for One of Four
31 Die Force for One of Four #2
32 Ambiguous Question Force
33 Shaken Hat Force
34 Hat Force
35 Darkness Two Card Force
36 In the Pocket Force
37 Magic Square Force
38 Stack of Envelopes Force
39 Card Box Force
40 Spirit Slate Force

41 Unprepared Cards: 41-60
41 Card Box Force #2
42 Little Duke Card Force
43 Unknown Confederate Force
44 15 Force
45 Clip Card Force
46 Sticky Force
47 Force Deck Force
48 Counting Card Force
49 One to Ten Force
50 Die Force for One of Four #2
51 Knife As Shiner Force
52 Subtraction Force
53 Short Card Triple Force
54 Face Palm Force
55 Top Card Force
56 Spelling Force
57 Center Card Force
58 Another Hat Force
59 Red or Black Force
60 Blindfold Hat Force

61 Unprepared Cards 61-80
61 Handful of Coins Force
62 Self Working Stack Force
63 Gimmicked Knife Force
64 Gimmicked Envelope Force
65 Number Force using a Pencil
66 Palm Force
67 Palm Force #2
68 Face Up Force
69 Gimmicked and Stacked Force
70 Gimmicked and Stacked Force #2
71 Highest Card Force
72 Two or Three Card Top Force
73 Seventh Card Force
74 Sixteenth Card Force
75 Another Ambiguous Selection
76 Handkerchief Cut Force
77 Bottom Reverse Force
78 Crosscut Force
79 RW Hull Simple Count Force
80 Stripper Force

81 Unprepared Cards 81--94
81 Another Palm Force
82 Duplicate Tray Force
83 Top and Bottom Two Card Force
84 Code Force
85 Fluted Glass Force
86 Fluted Glass Multiple Card Force
87 Second Deal Force
88 Another Second Deal Force
89 Second from Bottom Force
90 Yet Another Ambiguous Selection
91 Fair Mix Force
92 Fair Mix Force #2
93 One Handed Fan Force
94 Another Count Force

95 Prepared Cards: Forcing Deck Introduction
95 Forcing Decks & Three Force Deck
96 Svengali Deck
97 Menetekel Deck
98 Trimmed Deck to force Two Different Cards, rest of Deck Different
99 Variation #2
100 Svengali Menetekel Combination
101 Longs and Shorts Deck
102 Longs and Shorts Uses
103 Glued Riffle Deck
104 Reverse Deck
105 Rough and Smooth Deck
106 Monte Cristo Deck
107 Anstro Forcing Deck
108 A Discovery for Two Forced Cards
109 Another Rough and Smooth Deck
110 Trick Cutting Deck
111 Use for Three Card Force
112 80% Short Card Force
113 Use of a Marked Deck
114 Two Card Force Deck with Short Card

115 Deck Changes
115 Evening Dress Change
115 Table Change
115 Chair Servante Change
115 Breast Pocket Change
115 Pocket Change
115 Card Tray Change
115 Cased Deck Change
115 Mirror Glass Change

115 Number Forces 115-134
115 Dice Addition Force
116 Business Card Force
117 Year Force
118 1089 Force
119 18 Force
120 2 to 12 Force with Dice
121 Calendar Force
122 10 Force With Cards
123 15 Force With Cards
125 Dice Box Force
125 Magic Square Force
126 Flap Box Die Force
127 Numbered Card Force
128 Arranged Pack 14 or 15 Force
129 Variation #2
130 Business Card Number Force
131 Number Card Force
132 Gimmicked Dice Force
133 Book Force
134 Gimmicked Notebook Force

135 Number Forces 135-154
135 Dollar Bill Force
136 Dice cup Force
137 Coin Date Force
138 T. Page Wright Poem Book
139 Book Page Force
140 1 to 10 Force with Cards
141 Two Number 1 to 6 Force with Dominos
142 Four Line Addition Trick with Business Cards
143 Four Card Number Force
144 Wristwatch Force
145 Audience Addition Force
146 Si Stebbins Book Force
147 One of Four Force
148 Missing Aces Deck Force
149 Mathematical Force
150 Another Number Card Force
151 Large Number Force Ignoring Picture Cards
152 Mindreaders Slate Force
153 Book Cover Force
154 Cardboard Disc Force

155 Number Forces 155-137
155 Another Pocket Force
156 Triple Dice Force
157 Colored Cardboard Slip Force

158 Miscellaneous Forces 158-177
158 Buddha Money Force
159 Color Force Variation
160 Felt Hat force
161 The Barefaced Force
162 Mirror Glass Pellet Switch
163 Color Card Mirror Glass Force
164 False Candy Wrapper Force
165 Double Envelope Force
166 Double Envelope Coin or Bill Exchange
167 Book Page Riffle Force
168 Book Broken Binding Force
169 Large City Phonebook Force
170 Index Card in Book Force
171 Simple Word Test
172 Rack Color Force
173 String Pull Force
174 Color Square Force
175 Newspaper Ad Force
176 Gimmicked Ball Force
177 Handkerchief Box for Forcing

178 Miscellaneous Forces 178-194
178 Change Bag Force for Silks
179 Change Canister Force
180 Pencil Roll Force
181 Thumb Tip Force
182 Forcing a Spectator Dodge
183 Forcing a Spectator Newspaper Tear
184 Al Baker's Fedora Hat Force
185 Alternate Change Bag
186 Drumhead Tube Force
187 Drawer Box Force
188 Metal Card Box Force
189 Frank Lane's Card Frame
190 Devil's Handkerchief Force
191 Alphabet Word Force Bag
192 Number Force Variation
193 Card Stabbed in Book Page Force
194 Gimmicked Card Book Page Force

While the majority of these forces are for cards, there are quite a few especially in the latter half of the book that are for book pages or that can be used in mentalism to force specific numbers. Although the numbers only go up to 194, there are several Deck Changes included that bring the number of entries up to 202.
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Theodore 'Theo' Annemann (stage name Ted Anneman) born Theodore John Squires (1907 January 12, 1942) was an American professional magician who specialized in the field of mentalism. Annemann is most famous for inventing and refining many of the standard mentalism routines that continue to be used by magicians today.


Early in his life, Annemann began working as a railroad clerk and then got into showbusiness as a tenor singer and a magician's assistant. He eventually became interested in mentalism and used his invention and performance skills to become one of the most talented and respected magicians of the 1930s. Annemann perfected his own version of the famous bullet catch illusion, performing the effect outdoors. Accounts of his performance describe the feat as a dramatic effect wherein Annemann would collapse from the apparent force of the gun and then produce the bullet from his blood-drenched mouth.

In 1934 he became the editor of the famous magazine The Jinx, published primarily for magicians. The magazine was primarily focused on mentalism, but also featured ground-breaking effects from other fields of magic. The publication of this magazine ceased after Annemann's death and copies of it have become collector's items. Effects from the magazine have been published in several books and manuscripts, among them Annemann's Practical Mental Magic. This book is considered a classic in the field of mentalism.

Annemann was married twice and may have had a child by his first wife[citation needed]. His personality is the subject of much speculation. On the night of January 12, 1942, Annemann was scheduled to perform his bullet catch indoors for the first time. Before the performance, he committed suicide. Since the subject of suicide is complicated, we may never know exactly why Theo decided to end his own life. It is believed that Annemann was suffering from severe stage fright and drug abuse among other factors related to mental distress at the time of his death.

Edited posthumously

Ted Annemann's Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks (1943)
Ted Annemann's Practical mental effects (1944)
Annemann's Miracles of Card Magic (1948)
Annemann's Buried Treasures (1952)
Miracles of Card Magic (1964)
Annemann's Card Magic (1977) ISBN 0-486-23522-X
Practical Mental Magic (1983) ISBN 0-486-24426-1

Manuscripts by Annemann

Card Miracles (1929)
Mental mysteries (1929)
The Book With a Name (1931)
The Book Without a Name (1931)
The Trick of the Month Club Presents: A Dead Name Duplication (1931)
202 Methods of Forcing (1933)
Annemann Manuscripts (1933)
Sh-h-h--!: It's a Secret (1934)
The Incorporated Strange Secrets (1939)


Annemann, Life and Times of a Legend by Max Abrams, L & L Publishing (1992)