Catching a Marked Bullet in the Teeth (Frank Sinclair) - Supreme "Know-How" Series
Ayling, Will
Supreme Magic Co (1983)
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Great Britain  eng
Frank Sinclair: Knowing The Ropes (Know-How Series)
©1983, 1st edition, The Supreme Magic Co. Ltd
20 pages 8.5x11" softbound

The bullet catch is an extremely dangerous trick to perform. It can cost you your life. Before attempting anything like it you might want to read Twelve Have Died by Ben Robinson. Some of the best performers have paid the ultimate price performing this stunt.

We provide this ebook purely for historical purposes. Do not try this at home. If you do, you accept all responsibility for any injuries, property damage or loss of life.

If you are a trained and experienced professional, skilled in the use of fire arms, the bullet catch can be a reputation maker.

This was part of the Supreme 'Know How' series.

1st edition 1987; original 20 pages
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