Genie Presentations
Ayling, Will
Supreme Magic Company (1972)
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Ayling, Will: Genie Presentations
©1972 (circa) Supreme Magic Company, Devon, England
Hardcover, 163 pages

A diverse group of effects are explained, with much humor. Ayling prides himself on being a magic general practitioner. With line drawings of the various props and apparatus required for: woman through hoop, puppets, disappearing woman, salted newspaper, umbrella to plant, handkerchief sleights, the Goldston straight-jacket, etc. With presentation tips.

Comments: Illustrations by L.B. Edmunds.


3 Dedication
4 Photo of Will Ayling
7 Foreword (Lewis Ganson)
9 Preface (Will Ayling)

11 Chapter One - Dinner Has Been Served
13 Juggling Tumbler: glass penetrates a silk while suspended on a stick
16 Candied Crystal Fortune: a crystal ball reveals the card selection, and a shower of candy is produced
20 A Pinch of Salt: cover is torn from a magazine, potato chips and salt are produced, and the cover is restored
24 Fashion Parade: a fashion magazine rises and lowers on a string under command
27 Find the Lady: a Jumbo Three Card Monte presentation
32 Invisible Pack: Ideas for quick delivery of the card
34 Interlude: paying attention to dress

35 Chapter Two - In Character
37 The Mouse: making the handkerchief mouse look alive
39 The Handkerchief Mouse: how to fold it
39 The Rat: a simple pattern
41 Golden Lotus Blossom: petal to egg to goldfish and more!
43 - Max Sterling Egg: how to prepare it
44 - Aquarius: how it is gimmicked
45 - Umbrella to Plant: how it is built
46 The Four II'ices: A Four Ace trick with a Cockney accent
49 Ariel Fishing: three goldfish are caught in the air with a special pole

53 Chapter Three - Intimate
54 Out of this World Switch: Will's version of the Paul Curry classic
57 Flash Photo: signed blank paper gets image of card selection
61 Chink-A-Chink: using boxes with a shell
65 Hapu and the Caskets: close-up apparatus trick with an Egyptian Mummy
70 Singular Cup and Ball: a Chop Cup routine using an additional glass, mechanical chick load, and a Topit
75 Topit Gaming Bag: how to make it

78 Chapter Four - Youngsters
80 The Magic Fan: The routine outlined
82 - Fan and Flags: Eric Lewis' Dirty to Clean/Supreme's Super-Soap silk effect
84 - Magic Washing: Grandmother's Necklace
85 - Production of Glasses of Liquid: how to make the fake
86 - The Servante: explained
86 - The Get-Away: a handy "removable" servante
87 - The Egg Cup: a servante used for the Egg Bag Hat portion of the act
89 The Rose Garden: a dressing for the Sympathetic Silks
02 Merlin's Cloak: act around a magical cape
94 Master Bowl Production: Giant Bowl of Water production
96 Bunny Tales: live rabbit production from a "bunny book"
98 Book of Spells: idea

99 Chapter Five - Lilliputians
100 Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp: A full Glove and Rod Puppet Show
106 Construction: how to make the stage
110 The Special Effects:
110 - The Sawing Through
110 - The Fishing Episode
110 - The Vanish of the Golden Palace
111 - The Flying Carpet
111 - The Snake Charmer
111 - The Cave
112 Puppet Construction

115 Chapter Six - Carousel
117 La Merton - The Dragon-Fly: a Side-Show illusion of a dragonfly with a girl's head
120 Escape: presenting an entertaining escape
122 The Goldston Strait-Jacket: how it is constructed

124 Chapter Seven - Happy Talkie Talk
127 Leipzig's Penetrating Card Trick: Chosen card penetrates handkerchief
130 The Birth of a Rabbit: some history of Victorian charlatans

134 Chapter Eight - Saturday Night Spectacular
138 There's Showmanship Ballyhoo: comedy
139 En Rapport Comique: a comedic play with a girl medium
143 La Femme Disapaitre: the lady vanishes and comes in to the back of the audience
145 De Kolta Vanishing Lady: in a special chair
147 Cataleptic Suspense: the show continues with a chair suspension
149 Chair Back Suspension: described
150 Costume Escape: another illusion
153 Funny Rope Tie: the rope tie explained
154 The Golden Shot: a crossbow illusion
158 The Bucket Ducks: water, buckets and ducks illusion!
160 Triple Production: production from tubes

163 Last Words: ensure you deliver on your performance!
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Will Ayling

William Richard Ayling
March 2, 1914
Portsmouth, England

May 23, 1992 (age 78)

Will Ayling (1914-1992), illusionist, close-up performer, and collector of antique magical apparatus was a past President of the Portsmouth Magical Society and of The British Ring.


Ayling assisted Lewis Ganson with his Teach-In Series, often appearing in the photographs which accompanied the text. He followed the series with his own "Know How" series of books dealing with individual effects or routines. [1][2]

The Art of Illusion (1968)
Genie Presentations (1972)
Oriental Conjuring (1981)
Knowing the Ropes (1987)
Knowing the Egg Bagg (1988)
Knowing the Chop Cup (1989)
Knowing the Rising Cards (1991)

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2.↑ Cover Linking Ring November 1982