Book List

Burtini's Cups And Balls Routine

Mysterio's Encyclopedia Of Magic And Conjuring: A Complete Compendium Of Astonishing Illusions

Convincing Coin Magic

Stage Hypnosis

Comedy, Jokes And One-Liners For Magicians

The Magic of John Fedko

The Catalogue Of Magic

Thirty-Seven Effective After Dinner Tricks

Thirty-Two Impromptu Card Tricks

More Sneaky Feats

Magic With Canes

Milk Pitcher Magic

How's Your Library

Illustrated Magic

Illustrated Magic

Illustrated Magic

The Birthday Magician's Handbook

Paul Daniels And The Story Of Magic

The 3 Magic Words:

The 3 Magic Words Just Say No!

130th Percy Abbott

I Talk For 2

So You Want To Be A Ventriloquist!

The Card Expert Entertains

Magic By Misdirection

Rings In Your Fingers

Showmanship for Magicians

The Trick Brain

The Magic Hedonists Brainstorm In The Bahamas

The Blue Bug

Paul Fleming Book Reviews: Volume 1

The Paul Fleming Book Reviews: Volume 1

The Paul Fleming Book Reviews: Volume 2

The Paul Fleming Book Reviews: Volume 2

The Paul Fleming Book Reviews: Volume 3


Maurice Fogel Gives Himself Away

Magician Pocket Mirrors

Houdini and Other Masters of Magic


Another Book

Clever Like A Fox

For My Next Trick

Kornfidentially Yours

Karrell Fox Lecture Notes

Much Ado About Something

My Latest Book

Chung Ling Soo, The Man Of Mystery

101 Best Magic Tricks

The Magic Show A Guide For Young Magicians

After The Force

After The Force

Tricks From The Wax Museum

The Best of Slydini...and More

The Best of Slydini...and more

Charles Jordan's Best Card Tricks

Children's Magic Kit

The Chronicles


The Magic Book

The Magical World Of Slydini

Self-Working Card Tricks

More Self-Working Card Tricks

Self-Working Close-Up Card Magic

Self-Working Coin Magic

Self-Working Handkerchief Magic

Self-Working Mental Magic

Self-Working Number Magic

Self-Working Paper Magic

Self-Working Rope Magic

Self-Working Table Magic

Famous Magicians Of The World

Great Magic Shows

Magic For Monsters

Introduction To Coin Magic

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