My Latest Book
Fox, Karrell
Supreme Magic Co (1988)
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Fox, Karrell: My Latest Book
©1988 Supreme Magic, U.K.
Hardcover, with Dustjacket,160 pages

1st Edition

Another book by Karrell published by Supreme Magic of the U.K. in 1988 1st edition. In blue cloth with full color pictorial dust jacket, illustrated by Ed Harris, with 160 pages.

A Fine copy.


Contents: (numbers are not page numbers):

i Dedication
ii Thank You's
iii Foreword (Bill Wells)
iv Introduction

1 Chapter One - "Mini-Miracles"
2 A Clone-up Look At Magic
3 Clipswitch
4 A Real Shocker
5 Half And Half
6 A New Look At An Old Effect
7 No Not
8 A Tip For You
9 Ringo
10 A Dog-Gone Good Prediction
11 Centre-piece Napkin Tear
12 The Little Black Book
13 Houdini Escapes
14 A 'Foxy' Close-Up Concept
15 Shell-Shock
16 A Real Rabbit

17 Chapter Two - 'Take Any One You Like"
18 Too Easy Card Force
19 Karrell's Kard Kontrol
20 The Nose Knows
21 Easy Aces
22 The Informers
23 A Foxy-Falsie
24 Center-Tainment
25 Karrell's Krismas Aces
26 It's A Snap
27 Short-Cuts

28 Chapter Three - Kidceptions'
29 Poppin Balloons
30 Kidzropes
31 Thumb Fun
32 A Live Hat

33 Chapter Four - "Psyciatricks"
34 E.Z.S.P.
35 Good Newz
36 The Flasher
37 EZ Est Vet Mindreading
38 Magamental
39 Easy Reader
40 A Two-Fisted Book

41 Chapter Five - "Applause Getters"
42 Bocanc
43 World's Fairest Card Revelation
44 Silken Ring
45 Nosteal Cane Vanish
46 Just Right Prediction
47 Neck-Romancv Rope Trick
48 Front Page Finish
49 Elimacard
50 Knot-Away
51 Flashstrip
52 EG Card In Wallet
53 A Pack O'Silk
54 Karrell's Klipper
55 Silkut
56 Simple-Flying Ring Trick
57 Turnaround Trick
58 Karrell's Kleen-Kut Rope
59 Mag-A-Change
60 Clip-Tomania
61 No Fan-Egg On Fan
62 The Liquid Chain Escape

63 Chapter Six — "More Tricks Of The Trades"
64 An Ambitious Commercial
65 An Undercover Plug
66 A Hot Item
67 A Good Back-Up
68 Presto-Logo
69 A Blending Of Ideas

70 Chapter Seven — "Etc"
71 The Silk-Shooter
72 Easy Memory
73 The Arkay Silk Fold
74 Roll-Up Table
75 S.itO.n.S.ervante

76 Chapter Eight — "Parting Thoughts"
77 The Heavenly Magic Show
78 The "Budget" Interview, One Man's Opinion
Product Details
No. of Pages 160
Personal Details
Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf H
Condition Near Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Fox, Karrell
(1928 - 1998 )
When he was a child, his parents operated a small restaurant in E. Rainelle, West Virginia. A customer sneaked out without paying his bill, but left behind a few small tricks. With these, Karrell began his magic career. He appeared on the "Ed Sullivan Show" at the age of 18. He later had his own TV show, performing as Milky the Clown.
Invented: Bullseye Card, B.S. Miser's Dream Pail, Magical Assets, Nite-Cap, Take It and Stick It, Two Fisted Book Test, Mene-Tekel Book Test, Knifty Knot, No Not, Baffling Blow-Outs and many more.
Wrote: Clever Like a Fox (1976), Another Book by Karrell Fox (1979), Comedy A La Card, Karrell Fox’s The Legend, For My Next Trick (Illustrated by Ed Harris), My Latest Book (Illustrated by Ed Harris), Much Ado About Something (Illustrated by Ed Harris)
Media: Karrell Fox, Volume 1 (DVD & VHS);